Monday, March 25, 2024

Council Preview: Monday, March 25, 2024

It's presentation night for Prince Rupert council members, with three presentations to be made as part of the Committee of the Whole session, included in the delegations to Council, representatives from AltaGas/VOPAK with an update on their REEF project plans.

Also making a presentation is the BC Rural Health Network and representatives from Prince Rupert Seniors Housing (Wayne Place)

Agenda for the Committee of the Whole is available here.

The Regular public session For March 25th will open with  an opportunity for Public Comment on any item from the Regular Agenda, that opportunity to come at the opening of the Regular session starting at 7 PM session tonight 

As for that Session, it's a fairly light workload ahead for Council members on the night, some of the items up for review include:

The Consent Agenda features reports on Building Department activity and from Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue.

As well there will be a request to support an application to the Local Government Development approvals process fund and a receipt of the January minutes of the Accessibility Committee.

Council will also offer appreciation to the Prince Rupert Children's Festival and review a report on Rotary plan stop become involved in plans for Mariner's Park.

As the Council session comes after numerous Emergency Room Closures, including one today that will not come to an end until 4 PM this afternoon, it's likely that the topic of Health Care in Prince Rupert will make for some discussion during the Council commentary period.

Council members also host a Special Session at 5 PM, along with a session CLOSED to the Public, the details towards that closure for the public are outlined here.   

The Closed session tonight, marks the sixth such session restricted to the public session for 2024.

Monday's  Regular Council session starts at 7 PM and can be viewed by way of the Live Feed from the City Website.

The Regular Council session is normally posted to the City's YouTube archive within 24 hours of the session concluding.

You can review the Regular Council Agenda here

The outline of Council's work ahead for the evening can be reviewed below.




Approval of Agenda  -- The Mayor will review the COW Agenda of the March 25 session and seek approval of Council  towards it. 

Petitions and Delegations 

1 - AltaGas Community Re: AltaGas/VOPAK Ridley Island Energy Export Facility (REEF) project updates

2 - BC Rural Health Network

3 - Prince Rupert Senior's Cousin (Wayne Place)

Questions and Inquiries from members of Council

Adjournment to Regular Council Session



Introduction of Late Items

Approval of Agenda  -- The Mayor will review the Agenda of the March 25 session and seek approval of Council  towards it. 

Public Comments regarding Agenda items -- This period normally offers a chance for those in attendance to speak to any items to be addressed on the Agenda for the evening. 

Consent Agenda

Council review of Regular minutes from March 11, 2024 Session


Building Department Activity Report for February 2024  (see pages  7-8 of Agenda)
Request for Support Application to he Local Government Development Approvals Process Fund (see pages 9-10 of Agenda)
Monthly Fire/Rescue Report February 2024 
 (see pages  11-12 of Agenda)
Minutes of the Accessibility Committee of January 16, 2024 
(see pages  13-18 of Agenda)


Prince Rupert Children's Festival  - Certificate of Appreciation    (see page 19   of Agenda)

Council will be asked that all items of the Consent Agreement be approved as requested. 


Staff Reports

Report from Rotary Club or Prince Rupert  Re: Bandshell Proposal - Pacific Mariner's Memorial Park  (see pages 20-21 of Agenda)

Business Arising

Council Round Table and Public Question Period -- Council members will have opportunity to raise items of interest or concern for consideration.

Adjournment -- The Mayor will bring the session to a close. 

The live broadcast of the City Council Session can be found here, a video archive of the past sessions of Council is available from the City's YouTube archive.

Further notes related to the March 25th session can be reviewed here

Our archive of all of the City Council sessions for 2024 is available here.  

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