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Tourism Prince Rupert bids 'Fair Winds and Following Seas' to Ceilidh Marlow; welcomes Jamie Angus to Executive Director Top Post

Ceilidh Marlow
outgoing Eexecutive
Director for 
Tourism Prince Rupert
Change is in motion at the offices for Tourism Prince Rupert, that with the announcement Monday, that Executive Director Ceilidh Marlow is departing the post she has held for the last four years. 

The passionate advocate for Prince Rupert set to take on a new career with one of British Columbia's most iconic corporations.

Ms. Marlow, will leave her post at TPR on March 25th charting a new course with the BC Ferry Corporation,  set to take her infectious enthusiasm for her work to the province's ferry system, a post that should make for a challenging, but rewarding future.  

After working with the Museum of Northern British Columbia, she joined Tourism Prince Rupert four years ago and instituted some significant changes to their footprint in the community, all while navigating some of the most challenging times for the industry during COVID.

Many of the elements of her stewardship of tourism in the community will be on display far into the future.  

Among just a few of the initiatives the Prince Rupert community Welcome signs, the way finding signs around the community which incorporated Sm'algyax and local artists and the creation of the waterfront Lax Süülda Container Market in the Cow Bay Area.

With last of the Containers in place on the Promenade, Tourism Prince Rupert announces Official opening of the "Lax Süülda Container Market"

Wayfinding sign program starts to roll out in the city

Council members show enthusiasm for new look for signage for Tourism in Prince Rupert 

Tourism Prince Rupert signage program picking up speed

Tourism Prince Rupert initiatives make for two items for City Council attention tonight 

She spoke to some of those milestones as part of her farewell notes to the Organization, as well as to share her best wishes to her successor Jamie Angus.

As part of her community impact, Ms. Marlow was also part of the revisioning work underway for Mariner's Park in the community.

Merchandising opportunities and new features for Mariner's Park among the hopes ahead for Tourism Prince Rupert 

That volume of work will go with her to BC Ferries, where she should thrive and bring a much needed northern perspective to the Ferry Corporation.

Towards her departure, Tourism Prince Rupert Chair  Blair Mirau spoke on behalf of the Board and likely for many in tourism in the region.

Jamie Angus
assumes the post
at Tourism Prince
Rupert later this month
As Mr. Mirau notes, Tourism Prince Rupert has promoted from within, celebrating the appointment of Jamie Angus to the top post.  

The new Executive Director  most recently served as the Organizations Marketing and Visitor Experience Manger after joining Tourism Prince Rupert in 2023. 

The  position  at Tourism Prince Rupert following on  her experience  as  a past Manager of the Highliner Hotel and Conference Centre. 

Ms Angus outlined her commitment towards continuing the path of forward momentum for Tourism in the Prince Rupert area.

You can explore more notes on Tourism in the Northwest through our archive pages.

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