Friday, March 15, 2024

Avalanche Canada issues advisory to avoid all Avalanche Terrain this weekend


Back country enthusiasts are back on alert heading  into this weekend, that as Avalanche Canada, outlines its concerns to be found in all Alpine elevations owing to the sudden heating that is underway in the region. 

The area of concern for the Northwest spans from Prince Rupert to just west of Burns Lake, with all four Alpine levels considered to be a high risk for Avalanche.

Two problem areas are of note from their forecast for the days ahead, the nature of the persistent slab and the potential for wet, loose avalanche slab movement.

The summary which outlines the situation from yesterday through to Sunday notes of the varying layers of snow and rain impacting on the conditions.

As a final note on the conditions, Avalanche Canada advises of its high confidence in the likelihood of an avalanche situation with the weather that is forecast for the region.

The full overview for the weekend can be reviewed here.

An update is anticipated later this afternoon/evening towards the conditions.

More notes related to weather events can be explored here.

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