Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Line painting relief could be on the way, as City of Prince Rupert posts bid for road line work

The days of playing chicken with oncoming traffic on city streets may be over by summer's end.  

The curse of many drivers in the city,  of barely visible or non existent roadway lines on the streets soon to be addressed by a City of Prince Rupert call for Bids.

The City's latest entry on a growing list of Bid requests on the BC Bid website is for line painting, posted to the provincial site on Monday.

The overview for the work provides a glimpse towards the areas for attention for the successful bidder.

A series of maps provided as part of the Bid package, outlines the areas of note towards the work which would taken place through the late Spring and Summer period.

The timeline for the line painting project sees the Bid call close on April 5th, with work to get underway on April 8th. 

The City wants it all to be wrapped up with the last of the road refresh completed by September 30.

The Full Bid package can be reviewed through the BC Bid Website.

More notes on Civic Operations can be reviewed through our archive page.

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  1. This will be a very expensive exercise. The extra cost will be to re-establish the centerline prior to painting. One advantage of a yearly paint program is the centerline is usually maintained year over year. Doing nothing has its consequences. Hopefully the city will do the whole town,