Thursday, March 21, 2024

Overall Port of Prince Rupert shipment volumes below 2023 levels two months into 2024

Shipments out of the Port terminals for Canada's Northwest Gateway made for a mix of increases and declines for the first two months of 2024.

Overall to the end of February, the Port of Prince Rupert had seen  volume totals of 3,804,269 tonnes, a slight drop from the level of one year ago when 3, 910,928 tonnes were shipped through combined terminals of the PRPA footprint on the waterfront.

A strong grain supply is providing for the strongest performer for the year so far at the PRG facility on Ridley Island.

That significant bright spot of the roster of shipping terminals  has seen 889,481 tonnes of product shipped through Prince Rupert Grain to the end of February, a volume that is up by close to 68,000 tonnes from one year ago.

Also finding a strong start to 2024 is the Watson Island Bulk Terminal, with the Pembina Facility recording 91,885 tonnes to the end of last month,  an increase of just under 23,000 tonnes from February 2023.

The Westview  Wood Pellet Terminal is more or less at par with their throughput of a car ago, the Westview facility posting 202,557 tonnes through February, down slightly from the mark of 207,762 from a year ago.

Harbour movements, largely those of raw logs saw a spike from one year ago, with 56,036 tonnes shipped through the end of February 2024, that makes for an increase of just under 23,000 tonnes from February 2023.

Two of the regions signature terminals however both saw declines for the first two month of 2024.

Trigon Pacific Terminal recorded shipments of 1,394,800 tonnes to the end of last month, that's a decline of just over 143,000 tonnes from one year ago. Trigon is finding improving levels  from the month to month level, with February 2024 an improvement from 2023.

The challenges facing the container industry globally continue to have an impact on the Fairview Terminal Facility, with the DP world terminal finding year to date totals of 1,169,510 for the first two months. That compares to 1,241,415 at February 2023.

However as it is for Trigon, there is a positive trend for the DP world workforce, the data for February alone shows an increase for the month compared to last year.

February 2024 saw 543,840 tonnes moved through Fairview, that's an increase from 2023 when 475,780 tonnes  was recorded.

The 2024 increase hopefully an indication that the slowdown of the last year in container shipments may finally be reversing to build through the rest of the year.

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