Wednesday, March 27, 2024

MLA Rice outlines additional measures in place for Hospital ER closures in Prince Rupert

 It's been a day of message making for the community from Northern Health and MLA Jennifer Rice, first with a short overview of the visit of Health Minster Adrian Dix to the community, that from Northern Health which used their social media stream for the update.

While it spoke of their commitment towards supporting the hospital, the notes from today don't indicate whether any immediate solutions to the growing in frequency ER closures have been found.

Later in the day, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice also used her social media stream to offer  up some guidance for the community on how the situation in Prince Rupert is being managed when the ER facility is not available to residents.

The main focus being that of the skills that the paramedics, who have come from other communities in BC,  will have to offer. 

That while what has now become the  community's new normal, of suspension of access to the care of a physician at the Emergency room continues.

The twin advisories come during Day nine of the rotation of closure notices, the first of which was issued in this period of uncertainty for the community on March 16th.

You can review all of the past updates and information relays towards those closures through our archive page.

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