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Blog Watching: Week ending March 17, 2024

Health care and the challenges that Prince Rupert is facing at this current moment made for the top area of note over the last seven days.  

That following the community reaction to the closure of the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital Emergency Department on March 9th, a situation that was reprised just this most recent overnight period in the city.

It being a City Council week, many of the stories we covered from the Monday session over the last five days,  moved quickly to the most read listings .

Among those, the Council's work on remediation orders for eyesore properties in the city, the stalled nature of the ambitious plans for the Gateway area of downtown at Third and McBride. 

The recent announcement of the deaths of 19 eagles at the city's landfill site also was significant narrative for the Monday council session. 

Also capturing some attention over the last seven days,  our look at the work of Minister Nathan Cullen on the provinces Dock Management planning and legislation hopes, the topic one which made for some push back from recreation users who use docks in BC. 
When it came to the most read item of the week,  it was far and away our notes on the Closure of the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital Emergency Department on March 9th that gained the most notice.

Silence all around on weekend Emergency Department Closure over weekend in Prince Rupert -- The March 9th Emergency Room Closure captured much attention last weekend around Prince Rupert, but it wasn't until the Monday City Council session and a statement in the Legislature that the topic gained some official attention from Prince Rupert's public officials.  Those officials will have another opportunity for comment next week, that after an other closure through Sunday AM was announced by Northern Health last night.  (posted March 13, 2024

That article was followed by: 

Three more properties added to the list for City of Prince Rupert remedial action orders -- The City's ongoing work on structures that are eyesores continued at Monday's council session, with three more on the action list.    (posted March 11, 2024)

Stalled Gateway plans make for council discussion from Monday's session --  Some of the discussion coming out of the city's work on remedial action orders focused on the lack of progress to date for the much anticipated Gateway plans for the corner of McBride and Third Avenue West.    (posted March 15, 2024

New Land Use Controversy percolating for BC Cabinet Minister --  It may not have seemed likely that Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen had taken on a controversial Ministry when he was appointed to Water Land and Resource development, but for the second time since January the Minister is finding himself in the spotlight on land use issues in the province.   (posted March 12, 2024

City Council explores range of themes towards Eagles Deaths at City Landfill site --  Prince Rupert's City Council members had opportunity to discuss and ask questions of staff the recent revelation of the deaths of 19 eagles at the Ridley Island Access Road Landfill site. The conversation of Monday one which was led by Councillor Nick Adey.     (posted March 13, 2024

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