Sunday, March 31, 2024

Blog Watching: Week ending March 31, 2024

Housing took the lead over Health care this week as the most read item from our list of five.  

It was interest in the City's notes related to opportunities to add a secondary suite to our homes that captured the most interest of readers over the last seven days.

It being a City Council week,  our look at a number of Council initiatives from the Monday session attracted a large audience.

Among them, the frustration over noise and smells for residents of Wayne Place Seniors Residences and the latest Report from the Prince Rupert Fire Department. 

As well our look at some of the new construction projects and the pace of the demolition of the Angus apartments also gained a large audience.

And the Health care crisis in Prince Rupert continued into a second week of Emergency Room Closures, which also brought a visit to the community by Heath Minister Adrian Dix.
When it came to the most read item of the week however,  changes to provincial housing regulations and how the impact on additional suites was the item which gained the largest audience.

City of Prince Rupert highlights opportunities to add a secondary suite at your home --  The City of Prince Rupert outlined some background on provincial changes to housing legislation as well as the City's approach to the processor adding a secondary suite to primary residences in the city.  (posted March 26 , 2024

That article was followed by: 

Wayne Place Residents appeal to City Council for a good night's rest  -- Idling trucks and the smell of diesel exhaust has left residents of a Seniors facility adjacent to Rupert Square seeking some help from their elected officials.  (posted March 27 , 2024)

PRFD report to Council notes of similar pace of response for February 2024 as found year before -- The latest report from the Prince Rupert Fire Rescue Department was presented to Council Monday evening, its contents seemingly capturing the attention  and making for comment from some residents.  (posted March 25, 2024

Demolitions and Construction work make for sounds of Spring in Prince Rupert -- Our tour of a trio of current construction projects and the continued clean up work of the demolition of the Angus Apartments was a well received piece for the week.    (posted March 26, 2024

Health Minister Adrian Dix comes to Prince Rupert to explore Hospital issues  -- With a number of Emergency Room Closures once again this week, the Minister of Health came to Prince Rupert at the start of the week to learn more of the challenges in Prince Rupert.  The full review of another week of concerning health care narratives for the city can be reviewed through our archive page.  (posted March 26 , 2024

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