Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Metklakatla residents to learn more of Claims Tribunal settlement distribution program this week

The Governing Council of Metlakatla has outlined the scope of their plans for distribution of the recent Claims Tribunal Settlement with the Federal Government 

The Claims Tribunal Settlement dates back to the arrival of the Grand Trunk Railway in 1906 and was concluded last fall, with the Federal Government and Metlakatla completing negotiations that would see 150 million dollars forwarded to the First Nation.

Last Friday, following a Special Council session, the Governing Council put forward their plan for distribution, with each member of the First Nation to receive 100,000 dollars as part of that program.

Metlakatla members are advised to follow the Metlakatla First Nation Social Media stream for further details as to when the application link will be available.

More notes from Metlakatla can be explored through our archive page.


  1. How many band members are there? Approximately?

    1. According to Wikipedia somewhere between 673 to 794