Wednesday, March 13, 2024

More partnerships for CityWest following Federal connectivity announcements

CityWest has rolled out a pair of announcements over the last 24 hours that chart its work ahead to the East and south.

Today the Prince Rupert based Communication company announced that it will be providing for High Speed Connectivity for the community of Mackenzie, located north of Prince George in BC's northeast region.
Today's update noting that the District of Mackenzie has signed a partnering agreement with  CityWest to bring high speed fibre-optic connectivity to Mackenzie. 

The CityWest statement today outlined the scope of the City of Prince Rupert owned communication company's financial commitment as well as that of the Federal government. 

Funding from the Federal government of $3,116,795 will cover the cost of high-speed internet to 1208 households. 

The remaining 720 homes located in the townsite will be funded by the partnership between the District of Mackenzie and CityWest, who will equally share the required additional investment of $2.2 million (at $1.1 million each). 

This additional funding of $2.2 million is required to provide high speed service to the 720 homes who were identified ineligible by our current local service provider. 

Start date will be Spring 2024 with an anticipated completion date by Fall 2025.

The Move into the Mackenzie market was hailed with enthusiasm by CityWest CEO Stefan Woloszyn 

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the District of Mackenzie on this exciting project. As a company that was built in northern B.C., we’re excited to bring urban-class connectivity to another northern community. We look forward to working with your local government to bring you improved service experience for decades to come.”

Yesterday, CityWest announced success towards another Federal connectivity  program that will include eight CityWest projects.

From that announcement the CityWest CEO noted how the communication company would serve to improve connectivity for the communities listed.

“Today’s announcement sets the stage to bring improved connectivity to more underserved communities across the province. CityWest’s fibre-to-the-home projects will bring these residents and businesses urban-class connectivity, creating equal opportunities for more rural, remote and Indigenous British Columbians. 

We would like to express our thanks to the Province of B.C. and the federal government for their vision on ensuring that these communities are able to unlock their connectivity destiny.”

You can follow the CityWest Social media stream for more notes on some of the ongoing projects for the communication company.

See our archive page for past notes related to their work both in Prince Rupert and beyond.


  1. It is fine and well to receive money for projects. When the cost of the project and operating it exceeds the money received it creates a loss to the owner. That would be the Prince Rupert taxpayers.
    Who payed for the repair of the undersea cable? How much did it cost? Taxpayers have a right to know.

  2. would be great if they would finish the fibre optic connections locally first

  3. Do you have an editor?

  4. Do you have an editor? This post is nearly impossible to read. It’s not usually this disjointed:-/

    1. Yes, Editor, reporter, publisher, janitorial staff ... sorry the piece doesn't reach your standard of excellence ... Im sure you'll find a more worthy venture follow if you look around the internet . NCR