Monday, March 18, 2024

Repeat and Rinse in Prince Rupert ... Northern Health issues another Emergency Room closure advisory for midnight tonight

Spring break seems to be creating havoc for Northern Health's Prince Rupert hospital physician staffing; with the third consecutive night for Emergency Room Closures set to take place later tonight for the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital.

The Northern Heath advisory was issued just after 6 PM through their Social Media stream noting of a closure as of midnight until 8AM Tuesday morning

As it has been in the past incidents of such closures,  challenges with physician coverage is the reason stated.

As it was this past weekend, the guiding advice for those facing serious health concerns is as follows:

If you have an emergency: People in Prince Rupert and area who need life-threatening emergency care (i.e. chest pains, difficulty breathing, or severe bleeding) should call 9-1-1 for transport to the nearest available and appropriate facility.

That nearest facility is Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace.

You can review the background to the four closures this month from our archive page.


  1. Rupert has had its ups and downs, and this is by far its lowest moment.
    This community, as of this time, hasn’t seen the amount of money in people’s hands since the peak fishing/canary days. But sadly people’s prospective lately, and outlook is bleak at best.
    Government is shelling out literally $$$ millions and giving to minority members, but it’s the community as whole that’s in desperate need. At the end of the day everyone uses this hospital for medical help. All the neighbouring villages, the nearest little cities to the Haida Gwaii islands. We are all humans beings that all need the same desperate level of help and care. We as a community need help, not individuals filling their pockets.
    Provincial and federal government has really failed us. Don’t see this issue getting solved anytime soon sadly

    1. That “minority members” comment smells a tinge racist

    2. I did weigh that thought .. and considered not allowing.

      However I think the larger narrative serves to express the frustration of many in the area on the issue of the health care system, hence I allowed it ...

      Would be best though not to scapegoat others for the failure of gov't policy on health care in the region. NCR

  2. The silence on this issue from our MLA is beyond troubling.

    Remember how quickly our MLA responded to airline service cuts on Haida Gwaii? Letters were written and social media update posts were frequent.

  3. NCR Article Health care response makes for fall debut for MLA Jennifer Rice in the BC Legislature - October 2022

    In this article, our MLA makes note of the following;
    -A few days ago, our Minister of Health released our health human resources strategy, which is quite a robust strategy to actually address the issues
    -We are putting together a pool of nurses that can be deployed to rural and remote communities.
    -We're increasing the doctor training spaces at UBC. For 2023, that'll be 88 new training positions for physicians.

    Our MLA has travelled across the province and visited many rural communities to talk about the challenges, particularly around maternal health, facing rural communities.

    Two years later, the above mentioned government measures have not improved the situation in her home riding.

  4. Years of this city blindly voting for the NDP has finally caught up with us. I guess we are finally reaping that blind loyalty. How badly have we been clowned. You get what you vote in.