Thursday, March 14, 2024

SD52 launches Budget engagement opportunity

The Prince Rupert Board of Education has opened up its consultation process for those in the community that may wish to comment on their 2024 budget planning.

The request for your opinion offering up a link to but one question for participants from their survey link.

The advisory towards the survey is posted on the SD52 website, but doesn't really offer much insight into what the Board of Education may be proposing for participants to comment on.

The website advisory, is so far the only notice that the School Boards seems to have issued towards the consolation engagement process.  

To this point they have not relayed the call for comment through any of their social media platforms.

For any kind of trail related to their Budget program, you have to dig a bit into the website, with the Financials and Budget page providing for some glimpses at the work of the Board so far.

There's no indication when the Board will close the opportunity to comment, but the timeline for their Budget momentum suggests it would be soon. 

The next key day for the Budget planning come in early April.

You can review some of their past discussion on Budget themes and other notes on education from our Board meeting recaps, those are available through our Archive page here.

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