Sunday, March 17, 2024

Sunday interruption added to weekend Closure issues for Emergency Room service in Prince Rupert

The Saturday night/Sunday morning ER closure at Prince Rupert Reginal Hospital was extended today, with the Emergency Room at PRRH closed once again, this time from 4 PM to 8AM on Monday morning.

As it was Saturday, the situation is a result of a lack of physician coverage for the facility.

The Sunday/Monday closure is the third such suspension of Emergency Care service in Prince Rupert in the last week, with residents advised to seek assistance through 911 for serious issues and transport to the nearest facility which would be that of Terrace.

As it was on Saturday, today's advisory was relayed mid afternoon through the Northern Health Social Media page, though they have closed the post to any comments from the public.

A look back at those past closures can be reviewed through our archive page.


  1. Northern Health needs to do a full evaluation of the PR hospital in the next 30 days in order to stabilize services.

  2. 1234 jobs are currently listed on the Northern Health site.

    Not sure what type of result the Mayor expects from his conversation with Minister Dix.

    Every northern community is competing for a small pool of healthcare workers.
    Prince Rupert doesn't stand a chance in the recruitment and retention department, unless they improve the aesthetics of the town.

    1. The city did nothing on aesthetics for 8 years. Now the city will pay the price.

    2. Locals*** did nothing on aesthetics. Run down homes, atrocious lawns. The Run from the Airport ferry bus, passing countless “shelters” screams welcome to Prince Rupert!