Friday, March 22, 2024

Prince Rupert's Hospital ER Closure streak stops at 5, with full service restored overnight at PRRH

After five nights of advisories from Northern Health of Emergency Room Closures, concerned residents gained a reprieve on Thursday; with no Notice of a suspension of service posted by the Hospital administrators in Prince Rupert.

Since last Friday, Night, after night, after night of closures had put both the North Coast health care situation and that of rural British Columbia into the public spotlight. 

With a significant amount of media attention from some of the province's largest media services directed towards Prince Rupert over the last few days.

Much of the coverage was dedicated to one couple, Tish Losier and Joe Budnisky their tale of a ninety minute wait with ambulance attendants for opening time at PRRH; along with other health related issues from their situation was the focus story for a number of provincial news reports, eventually making it into the local paper and on local radio as well.

The week of reduced service at the Hospital, which began March 15/16, finally gained some political attention by midweek. 

That attention came with statements from City Hall and MLA Rice, along with some notice by the BC United opposition.

With the Consecutive Closure count stopped at five  for the moment, residents will be checking the Northern Health Social Media stream later today, to see if the worst of this current health care disruption is over, or if the rolling closure listings continue.

Most of those in the region likely mindful that we are still only half way through Spring Break,  along with Easter on the horizon.

Without any statements from Northern Health to explain how the staffing challenges have been addressed,  the potential for more closures is still a very possible situation.  

A look back at the last few days of statements, updates and closure notices can be found from our archive page.

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  1. If you listened to the radio the lady at the hospital explained it. She said they have so many monthly shifts to cover, and they are trying to cover the shifts even with the locum doctors, but if they can’t then they have no choice but to close ER. So it can sometimes happen. Please pay attention and listen to what they are saying!