Friday, March 15, 2024

City of Prince Rupert announces return of Transit service for Crestview residents

One of the two bus stops back in service on the Crestview area route 53

For those who rely on Transit in the Crestview Area, the city has delivered some welcome news, with the city announcing through their Social media stream, that the suspended service has now resumed. 

The service had been interrupted owing to the remediation work on the street and surrounding area as part of the city's ongoing waterline infrastructure challenges.

However, while the full circle route around Crestview is open to traffic, the road down Applewaite remains closed to traffic. 

The still closed situation for Applewaite has made for some comment to the city's post on social media, with a call for an update for residents when it comes to the status of the road and when it may reopen.

Notes on Civic Operations can  be reviewed through our archive page.


  1. So you could not use the full transit system in Prince Rupert for years. But you are paying full taxes on the local mill rate for BC Transit.
    Time for another petition!

    1. Just imagine the screw ups once the city gets started on their big program. They don’t care about the residents.

    2. Yes of course, they don’t care so so much that they went out and found more than $100 million to fix pipes and roads. They are so uncaring that they actually plan to carry through with the work.

    3. You're kidding right? Jobs are accomplished all the time while maintaining access and services for the local residents. There has to be a willingness to maintain existing service while repairing roadways. Acquiring a grant and access for residents when roadwork in being done are apples and oranges.