Friday, April 12, 2013

A forest industry revival for Prince Rupert?

Will Prince Rupert one day be host again to an active sawmill?

For CFTK TV that seems to be one of the themes that the Mayor provided for in this weeks council session, with his review of the nature of the possible need for a sawmill in the community.

CFTK reported on Thursday that the City has been approached by (still un-named) companies that may be interested in establishing a sawmill in the region. Giving the Mayor some thought to attracting more jobs to the region, providing for education in the community and retaining some of the young people in the community.

His thoughts on potential sawmill development seem to have been germinated from his recent attendance at the Council of Forest Industries conference in Prince George (see our Forestry archive for items of note on that session), where he learned that the current demand for value added Canadian lumber products is on the rise.

The city hasn't been a major participant in the value added aspect of the forestry, since the closure of North Coast Timber in 2001.

A possible rebirth of the forestry sector in value added items, began last year with the reopening of a sawmill in Terrace, to try and capitalize on the resurgence in demand for Canadian forest products.

You can review the Mayor's thoughts on forestry issues and those stemming from development in the community from our City Council Timeline from the 53 to 56 minute and 60 minute mark to 62 minute mark, viewing it from the City's Video archive on that same timeline.

CFTK featured the Mayor's hopeful outline on the forestry, with this review on their Thursday evening newscast.

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