Monday, April 8, 2013

City Council Preview for April 8, 2013

After a number of marathon sessions over the last month or so, Monday's agenda suggests that it may be a bit lighter workload this time around for the City's Mayor and Council.

Council will review and then adopt the minutes of its last session and then move on to the new business of the day.

From the City Council Agenda (see here),  you can click on the respective page numbers to take you to the item of interest. (We list the page number in red below, use it as your guide for the City Agenda for items you may have an interest in)

Among the topics for discussion on Monday are a Report from the City Planner on a protocol template for Antenna System siting, with a recommendation that Council adopt a customized antenna system siting protocol, following public engagement and subject to further staff recommendations. You can review the template and recommendations on Page 12 on the Agenda.

Council will also be asked to declare a property on Ambrose Avenue as a nuisance and that the registered owners be required to remove or demolish the building within 30 day. You can review the report and recommendation on Page 48 of the Agenda.

Council will also consider a recommendation to strike a Committee to formulate a draft Municipal Alcohol policy, you can review the report from the Corporate Administrator on Page 52 of the Agenda.

Council will also be asked to provide Letters of Support for Planet Youth as they seek support for Additional Funding (Details of the request can be found on Page 57 of the Agenda).

As well,  Council will be urged to write a letter of support for the District of Invermore, seeking support against Towns without Councils, You can learn more about it from Page 61 of the Agenda.

Council will also be asked to proclaim the week of May 19-25, 2013 as Public Works Week in the City of Prince Rupert. (Page 75 of the Agenda)

Council will reveal the items they feel they can share from the Closed Meeting of earlier in the day.

To wrap up this session Council will examine Bylaw issues, receive a report from the City Manager on Outstanding Council Initiatives.

Towards the end of the session, Council members can offer up their thoughts on reports, ask questions provide for inquiries of Council or offer up topics of interest to them for discussion of Council.

You can also review the Information for Council package that City Council will have received over the last week.

Council begins their work on Monday with a Closed Session of Council at 5 PM, the Regular Public Council session gets underway at 7 PM.

Those with a high speed Internet connection can watch Council proceedings live through the City's Website.

The results of this weeks Council Session and any media follow ups to the items of the day can be found from our Council session page here.

A full review of the Council year thus far can be found on our City Council archive page.

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