Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And another office opens up at City Hall.

Yesterday on the blog, we outlined the appearance of a job opportunity at Prince Rupert City Hall, the just posted advertisement for a new Chief Financial Officer for the city.

A job once the realm of Dan Rodin, who had been  tackling the twin duties of CFO and Acting City Manager, since the departure of Gord Howie earlier this year.

At the end of our article we offered up an opportunity for the reader to write the ending of the story to this point:

Even more curious, is the fact that resumes for the CFO's position are directed to Mr. Rodin, the still?/former? CFO, current Acting City Manager and possibly future... (insert your observation here)

Hands up to those that selected soon to be retiring CFO.

In a surprise revelation to the Northern View, Mr. Rodin confirmed that he is stepping aside from the work of City Hall, effective May 15th.

A situation that depending on how fast the City is working on the City Manager file, could leave the city without senior leadership in two positions by the middle of May.

The normal thought in the community perhaps, was one that would have seen Mr. Rodin shift into the City Manager position full time and then hire on a new CFO, all in the name of continuity and all of that.

That topic of civic employment (though not related to any current positions) was one that council touched on in their most recent council session.

Mindful to the challenge of municipal staffing and hoping to find a way to provide current and potentially future staff members, the opportunity to grow in their positions and remain with the City for years to come.

See City Council timeline 2 hour 1 minute to 2 hour 14 minutes.

But with the announcement of his pending departure, the process of internal succession seems to not be one to be followed at this time.

Instead, the city is back to the classifieds, seeking another new member of the team for Third Avenue West.

It is rather unusual for a city to have two high profile positions needing to be filled at the same time and could make for a challenging transition for the new arrivals, whenever they may make landfall on our shores.

Especially when one considers the many financial and civic concerns raised most recently in the budget process.

Mr. Rodin's departure will coincide with the timeline of adoption of this years fiscal plan by Council, one which he offered input towards, but now won't be around to Shepherd through the process.

So far, the bulk of the explanation on what has come to pass has come from Mr. Rodin in the Northern View article, hopefully the Mayor and Council might share some thoughts on the latest development and offer up a timeline of when City Hall may feature a fully staffed collection of senior officials.

You can follow the remainder of the media reviews of today's announcement below, as they become available.

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