Monday, April 15, 2013

CityWest changing office hours in Prince Rupert

Sharp eyed readers of their CityWest bills will be making a note that a change is coming for Rupertites looking to pay their CityWest bill in person, or those that require in office service assistance during the day.

Prince Rupert's city owned telephone, Internet and cable television provider CityWest is about to change the hours of operation for the Prince Rupert office.

Effective May 6th, CityWest will be opening the doors at 10 AM and Closing down for business at 4:30 Monday through Friday, CityWest's current hours of operation are from 9:30 to 5 PM.

The advisory of the change in office hours can be found on your April CityWest bill.

The move to shorter office hours moves the Prince Rupert office closer in line to the office hours of CityWest's Terrace and Kitimat locations.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing.....People work from 9 to 5 and they are opening from 10 to 4:30. Good service for your customers! Expect to be swamped at lunchtime !