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North Coast LNG Breakdown by proposed projects

To better provide for handy access to items on the growing number of proposed LNG projects for the North Coast, we'll archive the items here, breaking them down by the development.

Our selections have appeared elsewhere on the blog whether from items we have composed (marked as NCR), or from other media sources.

All have been previously found in our overall LNG archive dateline which also features items of general interest on the LNG question in British Columbia, you can review all of those items here.

Prince Rupert/Port Edward LNG proposals

Lelu Island

Pacific Northwest LNG

Pacific NorthWest LNG cuts a ribbon and opens a new chapter for the North Coast  NCR
Pacific NorthWest LNG working to address marine navigation concerns
Two Prince Rupert area LNG projects receive NEB approval with export licences  NCR
Pacific Northwest LNG provides update to Council on latest terminal developments   NCR
Port Edward council 'comfortable' with LNG terminals following Malaysia trip
Malaysia eyes Canada for $37bn LNG play
Petronas Moves Ahead With Canada LNG Project Hailed by Najib
Petronas LNG development plans get major push with announcement from Malaysian PM  NCR
Petronas plans $35 Billion LNG Project in Canada, Najib Says
Harper arrives at summit bearing $36 B boost
Harper arrives at APEC summit greeted by $36-billion investment pledge from Petronas
Harper arrives at APEC summit with pledge from energy giant Petronas to make $36 billion investment in Canada

Pacific NorthWest LNG preparing to open office in Prince Rupert
CEAA makes twin announcements for North Coast LNG projects NCR
Comment period, participation funding deadline extended for Pacific North West LNG project
Pacific Northwest LNG comment period must reopen, says lawyer
TransCanada to build $1.5B pipeline in B. C.
CEAA requests revised project description from Trans Canada Pipelines on proposed LNG project  NCR
Drilling begins on Lelu Island (N View e edition pg A8)
Petronas in talks to sell stake in Canada shale to Indian Oil: Sources
Petronas seeks LNG export permit for Pacific Northwest project in B. C.
Pacific NorthWest LNG seeks export National Energy Board licence
Pacific Northwest LNG submits export application with NEB  NCR
Petronas is making a $16 billion bet on B. C.'s natural gas future (audio)
Global energy giants 'dead serious' about B. C. Natural gas, says minister after Petrons unveils $16B investment
Global energy companies 'dead serious' about B. C. natural gas, says minister
Petronas to inject 20 billion in Canadian LNG project
Petronas expects to invest up to $16 billion in LNG export facility in B. C.
Petronas to spend up to $16B on B. C. LNG project 
Petronas to invest up to $16B for B. C. LNG infrastructure
Petronas to spend up to $16 billion on it's B. C. LNG project
CEAA Invites Public Comments on Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project NCR
Pacific Northwest LNG Open Houses start tonight NCR
Pacific Northwest Liquefied Natural Gas presentation to PR Council  NCR (33 minutes to 58:40 mark)
TransCanada Presentation (video)
TransCanada Pipeline presentation to Prince Rupert Council NCR (1 minute mark to 33 minutes)
LNG proposals taking next steps (N View e edition pg 3)
Pacific Northwest LNG awards design and engineering contract
Petronas launches engineering work for  B. C. LNG project
Company finds routes for pipeline challenging
Trans Canada Corporation to hold Open House on Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project NCR
Petronas/Progress Energy looks for more partners for Northwest LNG project NCR
Pacific Northwest LNG enters EA phase (N View e edition pg 10)
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency issues call for comments on Pacific Northwest LNG project NCR
Pacific Northwest LNG environmental assessment underway
LNG Development discussion on the Bill Good Show NCR
Prince Rupert in the spotlight through CKNW  NCR
Japanese firm part owner of LNG Terminal (N View e edition pg 2)
Japanese Company Buys Stake in Peteronas LNG Project proposed for Prince Rupert
Japan buys into B. C. shale gas lands, Prince Rupert LNG plant
MP says not all LNG proposals like to proceed (N View e edition pg 12)
LNG prosperity fund launched (N View e edition pg 12)
CEAA Seeks comment on Pacific Northwest LNG project NCR
Mr. Bennett will come a callin' to discuss LNG prospects for the Northwest NCR
Trans Canada Pipelines gets the nod for natural gas pipeline to Prince Rupert NCR
Pipeline firm chosen
Progress Energy makes progress on Prince Rupert gas line
TransCanada chosen to build $5 billion pipeline to serve LNG terminal near Prince Rupert
Petronas taps TransCanada for pipeline
Councillors Thorkelson and Rice with the LNG cross examination NCR
Petronas/Progress takeover bid approved by Federal Government NCR
Petronas approves Prince Rupert LNG terminal plans, offers larger investment possibilities NCR
Petronas, Progress Energy moving to next stage of Lelu Island terminal development
Petronas presentation offers glimpse of proposed project NCR
Petronas/Progress LNG Open Houses take place this week NCR
Petronas to extend takeover bid for Progress Energy NCR
Some clouds on the LNG horizon NCR
Prince Rupert LNG project in jeopardy after feds reject Petronas takeover
Prince Rupert Port Authority looking to buy a portion of Stapledon Island
Petronas LNG meet with officials about planned terminal in Prince Rupert
LNG plans dusted off for Prince Rupert NCR

BG Group LNG 
Prince Rupert LNG
British Gas/Spectra Energy

Two Prince Rupert area LNG projects receive NEB approval with export licences  NCR
Federal Funding allocated for local organizations for LNG Environmental Assessment  NCR
Dinner and Discussion with the BG Group  NCR 
BG Group commits $5 million to youth entrepreneur project
Mr. Mussallem's travelogue  NCR
From one Island to another, Mayor Mussallem's LNG primer  NCR
Community Dialogue October 30 (N View pg A14)
Prince Rupert LNG future (video)
Spectra Energy discusses LNG competition with U. S.
British Energy company considering making play on Prince Rupert LNG export potential
BG studies gas-field purchases in Canada to produce LNG for Asia
CEAA makes twin announcements for North Coast LNG projects NCR
Herb Pond makes the industry case for LNG development in radio ads  NCR
CEAA seeks public comment on Prince Rupert LNG project NCR
LNG proposals taking next steps (N View e edition pg 3)
Spectra Assessment (video)
Spectra Outlines pipeline plans
BG Group ready to set up shop in Prince Rupert
Coastal First Nations Express Concerns About BG Groups LNG Proposal
Sterrit Questions PR LNG (video)
BG Group Community Dialogue May 15 (N View e edition pg 16)
BG Group increases its presence on the North Coast NCR
BG LNG plans fuel discussion points on resource development NCR
BG Group takes 'first step' in building massive Prince Rupert LNG plant
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency invites comments on Spectra/BG LNG Terminal Plans NCR
Go deep: LNG exporters eye subsea pipelines
Canadian resources need to access Asia, says Spectra Energy president
Councillors Thorkelson and Rice with the LNG cross examination NCR
LNG Terminal proponent holds Open House in Prince Rupert
BG to host open house on LNG Project in Prince Rupert, Port Edward
BG Group outlines plans and employment for Prince Rupert LNG terminal
Pipeline sea route possible
"Virtual" town hall meeting to provide feedback on proposed natural gas pipeline
Spectra Energy reps discuss LNG pipeline to Prince Rupert
Pipeline company promotes northwest BC project
There is a familiar name as local contact for LNG on the North Coast NCR
Spectra, BG advance LNG plans with 510 mile Prince Rupert line
Spectra Gas touts Prince Rupert as its LNG destination NCR
Spectra Energy considers LNG shipments out of Prince Rupert NCR
And You get an LNG plant, and you get an LNG plant... NCR

Grassy Point

Aurora LNG

Reports say that CNOOC has submitted its application for Grassy Point LNG to NEB  NCR
Nexen reaches agreement with British Columbia on Grassy Point location NCR
Chinese energy giant eyes a spot for Grassy Point NCR
CNOOC may go it alone on West Coast LNG

Other Grassy Point proposals

Two Prince Rupert area LNG projects receive NEB approval with export licences  NCR
Exxon seeks 25 year LNG export licence from NEB, exploring export locations on North Coast NCR
Imperial Oil eyes LNG sites in Canada
Japanese investors eye LNG potential of the North Coast NCR
Four suitors for Grassy Point LNG site (N View e edition pgs 1 & 2)
Only good from Grassy Point (N View e edition pg 4)
Gravitating to Grassy Point? NCR
New LNG proposals avoid tanker transit in sheltered B. C. coastal waters
Four more LNG proposals for Prince Rupert region NCR
A third site for Prince Rupert?

Triton LNG LP (Port Edward/Prince Rupert)

Floating LNG export terminal proposed for North Coast
Port Edward preparing for international travel
AltaGas turning its attention to Port Edward

Kitimat LNG proposals

LNG Canada Development
Shell Canada/Korea Gas/ Petro China/Mitsubishi

Open Houses Critical to success
Gitxaala taking feds to court over export LNG licence
First Nation challenges LNG export license
Shell submits Kitimat LNG project plans to environmental review agencies
On LNG, Gitxaala Nation says, whoa, wait a second there... NCR
Gitga'at say government rushing LNG projects
LNG conference in Vancouver focuses on Northwest plans NCR
LNG plans for Kitimat turn doom town to boom town, says mayor
Gitga'at First Nation Raises LNG concerns
LNG Pipeline Company updates Terrace council
TransCanada Pipeline information meeting tonight
Input sought on natural gas pipeline project

Kitimat LNG
Chevron/Apache Resources

Kitimat LNG project gains major investor NCR
Government issues second LNG export license for Kitimat
Chevron's 50% stake in Kitimat LNG boosts Canada's natural gas projects
Chevron to buy half of Kitimat LNG project
Kitimat LNG closer to reality as Chevron to buy out Encana, EOG
Chevron buys 50% stake in Kitimat LNG terminal
Chevron Buys Encanae, EOG Stake in Kitimat LNG Terminal
Chevron Buys Stake in Kitimat LNG project

Haisla Nation/LNG Partners of Houston

Kitimat Vision of LNG boom clouded with uncertainty
More investors buy into proposed LNG project at Kitimat

Kitsault LNG proposal

Kitsault "floats" it's own LNG plan  NCR
Kitsault Energy takes its LNG case to Houston NCR
Kitsault Energy is Planning a Multi-Phase Dedicated Energy Corridor...
The heart of Kistault
Energy plan for B. C. ghost town to be unveiled
Kitsault owner to unveil LNG plan
Energy Export Facility Proposed in Kitsault
Energy Export Hub proposed for Kitsault

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