Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Sitka Shake for Saturday

The last few days have been an active little period for what is known as the Pacific Rim of fire, Earthquakes have rotated around the Circle from South America to Japan, with a particularly strong jolt of a 7.0 earthquake felt in Indonesia last night.

All that rumbling continued on into Saturday, though with not quite  as intense a rating, including one noticeable shift for residents of Southeast Alaska.

The USGS website has reported a 3.7 quake was felt off of Sitka, Alaska at 8:51 BC time this morning.

Sitka is located 591 kilometres northwest of Prince Rupert.

The magnitude and nature of this mornings temblor was not expected to provide for any form of tsunami warning from the Alaska and West Coast Tsunami Centre.

Saturday's rattle off the coast of Alaska is but one of many that have rumbled up and down the West Coast in recent months after last fall's major quake on Haida Gwaii.

You can review our archive of seismic activity on the North Coast here.

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