Friday, April 5, 2013

Enbridge Joint Review Panel Hearings continue through April in Prince Rupert

The finish line for public consolation is almost in sight for the participants of Enbridge Joint Review Panel, with April providing for a full month of hearings at the North Coast Meeting and Convention Centre.

April's sessions began on the 2nd and that started a six week stretch of final consultation on the North coast.

The Schedule through the rest of the month can be found below:

April 4-6 8 AM -3:30 PM (Mon-Fri) (Saturday  8 - 12:30 PM)
April 8-11 8 AM - 3:30 PM
April 22-27 8 AM - 3:30 PM (Mon - Fri) (Saturday 8:30-12:30 PM)
April 29-- May 3 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

As they have through the process, a live audio feed is available for the proceedings from the Convention Centre.

Transcripts of the sessions also are available from the Joint Review website, provided shortly after the days events have been completed.

Other updates of note from the Joint Review Panel can be found from their website.

We have a compilation of the past sessions listed on our archive section, providing a review of developments through to this current session.

Items of interest that come from the April sessions can be found below.

North Coast Review Items


Items from other media sources

April 22-- MP left stunned after questioning DFO at Joint Review Panel
April 22-- Nathan Cullen and Enbridge review panel (video)
April 22-- Cullen Questions Federal Agencies about Consultations in the Northwest
April 15-- Vancouver Sun--  Government, big oil, others engaged in "fraud" at consumer's expense, B. C. economist argues
April 12-- CFTK-- JRP Outlines Conditions for Northern Gateway Approval
April 12-- CFNR-- JRP issues potential conditions for Northern Gateway
April 10-- CFTK-- Haisla Questioned (video)
April 9-- CFTK--  Prince Rupert sends Enbridge a Written Lashing
April 9-- Vancouver Sun-- Enbridge lawyers question opponents at Northern Gateway pipeline hearings
April 8--CFTK TV-- Enbridge Gets a Turn to do the Questioning
April 8-- CFTK TV--  Enbridge Questions Gitga'at (video)
Apr 4-- PG Citizen-- Pipelines safe, despite oil spills
Apr 4-- CKPG TV-- Arkansas Oil Spill raises new Questions About Pipelines (video)
Apr 4-- CKPG TV-- Arkansas spill Adds Fuel to Fire of Northern Gateway Opponents
Apr 3-- Northern View--  The pipeline is coming
Apr 3-- Globe and Mail-- Enbridge pipeline opponents say hearings unfair
Apr 2-- Van Province-- Pipeline Economics: The dollars and cents of the energy export debate

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