Thursday, April 18, 2013

Everything you may want to know about antennas and more!

As regular readers of our City Council Timeline will know, the City of Prince Rupert is putting together an antenna policy for our future and with that in mind will be seeking public input towards the final product.

Towards that goal the City will be holding a public information session on the proposed policy at Northwest Community College on May 1st in the Multi Purpose room of the College.

Doors open 6:30, the presentation takes place at 7 and a question and answer and comment period takes place following the presentation.

The purpose of the policy is to minimize any potential conflicts from Antennas being located in the community at an increasing rate, some of the background on the purpose for the May 1st meeting can be found from the City's website here and from the Agenda for that April 8th meeting here, (page 12)

You can review the report that City Planner Zeno Krekic provided to council on April 8th from the City's Audio archive (the Video archive does not have the April 8th session archived as of yet) you can review the report from the 2 minute mark to 14 minutes, to help navigate that session use our City Council Timeline for that date to gain some background on the topic.

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