Monday, April 1, 2013

Hey, don't we have one of those already?

An interesting development from the Big Yellow Building on Third Avenue West, as a new job posting to the City's website offers up a question or two for those that watch civic affairs in Prince Rupert.

From the City's External Job Postings Page an opportunity posted March 28th for someone to pursue the position of Chief Financial Officer, something we thought we had on hand as of last Monday's City Council Meeting.

Does this mean that Dan Rodin will soon be removing the title of Acting City Manager from his business cards?

Has the City thus abandoned any further formal search process for that top executive position, promoting from within and now opening up the CFO position for applicants?

To further the mystery, for  a City that once was supposed to be conducting a job search for a new City Manager, they no longer seem actively engaged in that hunt.

 As no application process for a City Manager position exists on the City's website at the moment.

In the mysterious ways of Prince Rupert's Civic Governance, the announcement of a New City Manager, if one has been named, has still not been  made public, even if the job search may be at an end.

Those thinking of a career change can review the new CFO requirements here. Your Deadline to polish up the CV and secure your references is April 30th.

Even more curious, is the fact that resumes for the CFO's position are directed to Mr. Rodin, the still?/ former? CFO, current Acting City Manager and possibly future... (insert your observation here)

While we await some clarification on what's happening at City Hall and maybe an announcement or two, we're left to wonder if perhaps what the City really needs is a Communications Department.

Update: Make that two openings on senior staff at City Hall, The Northern View received the word from the City on Tuesday, Dan Rodin, the city's CFO is retiring...

April 2-- Prince Rupert's chief financial officer retiring in May

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