Sunday, April 14, 2013

Second rumble off of the coast of Haida Gwaii for Sunday

Haida Gwaii residents made note of their second reminder of their fault lines on Sunday, as another temblor, once again in the 4.5 magnitude range rattled off the coast just after 3 PM, it was the second event in the last two days for Haida Gwaii.

Like yesterday mornings report, the latest seismic event did not provide for a tsunami warning for the region.

Sunday's moderate shake however did attract the attention of the southern media outlets.

CBC-- Light quake rattles West Coast
Globe and Mail-- Rumble felt off coast of Haida Gwaii one of "thousands": seismologist
News 1130-- Small earthquake rattles Haida Gwaii

You can review our archive of past seismic events on the North Coast here.

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