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City Council Preview for April 22, 2013

After last weeks marathon Budget session at City Hall, this week brings a regularly scheduled session, one that features a Regular city council meeting, a Committee of the Whole meeting and for good measure a Special Session (closed to the public).

The Committee of the Whole session will provide the public with the opportunity to comment in public forum on matters of civic concern and then it's on to the regular business of the week from City Council Agenda.

You can access further information on the City Council Agenda for April 22nd here, (click on their agenda page blocks to be directed to those items).

Below find some of Monday's discussion points, we list the agenda page in red for your use with the link above)

Among some of the discussion points ahead will be a a presentation from the Salmonberry Trading Company seeking a Change of Date for the Farmer's market, seeking to move the market from Thursdays to Sundays. With the volume of Cruise Ship visits having declined on Thursdays over the last few years, the group would like to make Sunday the new Farmer's Market day of choice.
(Agenda Page 9)

CityWest makes a return to Council Chambers, providing for a rather large group to offer up a presentation on a rather extensive list  of developments from the city owned communications company. Their appearance at this session makes for an interesting bit of timing, the topic of CityWest was brought up last week by a citizen at the Public Budget Session (see North Coast Review item here). He inquired at that time as to whether CityWest could be asked to provide more financial benefit to the City of Prince Rupert, or if perhaps City Council may wish to consider selling the asset to private industry.

Following the CityWest presentation, Council will again offer the public opportunity to make comment on the 2013 Financial Plan.

Once the public comment period is over things are turned over to the Acting City Manager/Chief Financial Officer to provide some options for Council regarding their deliberations on the 2013 Financial Plan. Included in his report a review of some of the options to reduce the 2013 budget deficit, as well as a better understanding of short term and long term tactics in budget balancing.
(Agenda Page 10)

Mr. Rodin then will provide a Report on the topic of the recent provincial government Incentives for the Rural Recruitment of Physicians, a program that Prince Rupert was not at the time apparently considered for (see North Coast Review item on that here).
(Agenda Page 17)

We will also receive another update on the City's ambitious Boundary Expansion proposal.
(Agenda Page 20)

Reports on a bid to replace the McBride Street Mural and a proposal to Stratify the Inn on the Harbour will wrap up the Reports portion of the City Council session.
(Agenda Pages 24 and 26)

Council will then consider a pair of proclamation requests, from the Prince Rupert Labour Council seeking to have April 28th declared as a Day of Mourning in the City of Prince Rupert and one from the Prince Rupert Cemetery Committee, seeking to have May 1st declared Cemetery Day in Prince Rupert.
(Agenda pages 40 and 42)

Council will then advise  as to some of their Resolutions from the Closed meetings that they feel confident in reporting to the public.

The City Manager will offer up a report on some of his Outstanding Council Initiatives, including the upcoming Open House on the development of an Antenna (tower) policy (see our North Coast Item here)
(Agenda Page 44)

City Council members can then offer up some of their topics for discussion, a portion of the Council meetings of late that has provided for much in the way of talking points for the community.

In addition to the Agenda items highlighted above, you can also access the package of Information that City Councillors have been provided for this meeting, you can find that here.

Council begins their work on Monday at 5 PM with that Special Closed Session, the Regular Council and Committee of the Whole Sessions get underway at 7 PM.

Those with a high speed Internet connection can watch Council proceedings live through the City's Website.

The results of this weeks Sessions and any media follow ups to the items of the day can be found from our Council session page here.

A full review of the Council year so far in 2013 can be found on our City Council Archive page.

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