Thursday, April 11, 2013

City Council invites public to Special Session on Budget issues on April 15th

The City has posted an invitation of sorts for the public to attend a Special Meeting of Council on Monday, April 15th at 7 PM in City Council Chambers, where the public can provide comment and observations on the 2013 Five Year Financial Plan.

The quest for financial guidance has been foremost on the minds of Council over the last few weeks as they bounced ideas around on how to tackle the city's financial situation for the years ahead.

The Special session provides for one of the few opportunities for the General Public to offer up their comments to the Council. With any number of potentially controversial topics raised at Council over the year so far, that could make for a most interesting evening for those citizens that wish to be involved in the process..

Details on the City's notice of Special Session and the Agenda for it can be found on the City's website (see here)

You can review some of their discussion points of the year so far from our archive page on Council discussion points.

Those looking to further research any potential questions for the six councillors and Mayor, can review past Council sessions from our Council Archive.

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