Friday, April 5, 2013

Ridley Terminals registers second highest monthly volume on record

Ridley Terminals is still highly place in the For Sale listings and if they're looking to showcase just how valuable an asset their terminal may be, the latest statistics on shipments will serve to impress any would be purchaser.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority tweeted out some fascinating numbers this morning, advising that Ridley Terminals just recorded the second highest monthly volume on record, compiled in the month just past.

March stats show that 1.44 M tonnes of coal shipped out of the Prince Rupert terminal last month, a significant indication as to the importance of the terminal to British Columbia's Northeast coal fields and  a number that continues to highlight the importance of the Northwest as a gateway to the world.

You can review some of the past achievements and items of interest on Ridley Terminals from our archive page.

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