Tuesday, April 23, 2013

North Coast featured in NDP election campaign ad

The North Coast doesn't always factor into much of the strategy of the political parties, a little hunk of the province way up there and towards the left on the big map at the Legislature.

Cynics may suggest that we really only appear on the radar when the ballot boxes come out, but we'll leave that debate for others to sort out.

One thing does seem certain however, when there's a political campaign underway, well everybody it seems wants to show us off.

Last week the Premier made a quick jaunt through the riding to spread the BC Liberal gospel on the LNG file, this week it's the launch of an NDP advertising campaign, with one of the ads featuring the pristine wilderness of the North Coast and the message that pipelines, tankers and all of that just don't mix.

 The NDP ad starts with a pair of backpackers walking a trail, while a bit later on leader Adrian Dix is found standing on the shoreline, delivering the NDP message, which in this instance suggests that Douglas Channel near Kitimat isn't the place for any ocean going tankers.


The North Coast ad is the first of five that have been posted to the NDP YouTube channel thus far.

The rest of the political pack hasn't been left behind in the brave world of You Tube, the BC Liberals have their own YouTube Channel which like the NDP is a tad more elaborate in delivery than the other political offerings of this campaign.

For the moment if looking for the Green Party or the Conservatives, you will have to do a little work to find their You Tube selections.

Making use of the You Tube search engine, you will find that many of those entries feature more of the handheld camera variety of  information delivery, many which seem to be the variety of your average family member taking a video of a family gathering or some such event.

A rather quaint departure (for the moment) from the clearly more polished variety of information delivery that the Big Two parties have undertaken for this campaign.

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