Monday, April 8, 2013

Wind Warning issued for North Coast and Haida Gwaii

It's been a while since the North Coast has seen a good gust of wind, but this evening may bring cause to bring back the memories of November.

Environment Canada issued a Wind Warning this morning for Haida Gwaii and the coastal sections of the North Coast. Strong Southeasterly Winds will develop in the overnight period from a low pressure system approaching the Alaska panhandle.

The low pressure system is bringing winds  potentially of 80 to 100 kilometres per hour to Haida Gwaii around midnight and arriving on the north coast in the overnight period.
Rain will accompany the weather system arriving on our shores, with up to 40 mm of rainfall anticipated into Tuesday.

You can review the Wind Warning here, the full forecast for the week from Environment Canada can be found on their website.

Update: Environment Canada advised that strong winds would remain on the North Coast through the morning, with gusts of up to 100 kmh (see wind Warning above)

Some news coverage of the Wind storm can be found below:

April 9-- Northern View-- Wind storm causes power outages and terminal closure in Prince Rupert

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