Saturday, April 13, 2013

North Coast Election Watch: Candidate Discussion Points

As part of our ongoing efforts for the Provincial Election Campaign,  we'll update the items that come up for discussion among the candidates as the 2013 election trail moves into full swing on the North Coast.

Below, we'll highlight the discussions from the campaign, breaking them down by way of topic. We'll archive the coverage of the campaigns and the items that the candidates themselves provide for review as we head towards May 14th.

The feature can be found in our Election Desk archives here.

LNG Development

April 19-- Premier's Northwest swing stresses the potential/promise of LNG NCR
April 17-- CFTK-- Hondo Arendt on LNG
April 17-- CFTK-- Hondo Arendt on LNG (video)
April 16-- CFTK -- NC Candidates on LNG (video)
April 12-- N View-- Candidates share their views on LNG development in Prince Rupert (video)

Pipeline Development

April 16-- CBC Daybreak North -- Politics of pipelines (audio)

BC Ferries

April 18-- Floating a new Ferries strategy  NCR


April 20-- Tales from the Port Ed Bookshelf NCR

Provincial Leadership Debates

April 26-- Provincial Party Leaders in debate through CKNW Friday NCR

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