Friday, April 26, 2013

Provincial Party Leaders in debate through CKNW Friday

The Provincial election so far has been a rather low key affair, the leaders measuring their words, the issues not yet finding a ranking among the voters as they give some thought towards election day of May 14th.

For those looking for a little more depth in the face of the sudden avalanche of political advertising of late, Friday offered up a helpful primer for the Provincial election campaign to this point.

Vancouver radio station CKNW played host to a leaders debate on Friday morning, providing this follow up question and answer period to their website shortly after the debates conclusion.

As for the actual debate, Bill Good was the host and moderator for the first of two gatherings of the four main political parties of the province, (the Television debate featuring all four comes on Monday) providing the forum on CKNW from 8:30 to 10:00 AM for a review of the issues thus far in the campaign.

You can review the entire discussion between the leaders from the CKNW Audio Vault (8:30-10:00 AM Friday, April 26) or Podcast pages.

In addition to the debate of Friday morning, those interested in politics and this current campaign  may wish to also tune into the 10 to 11 hour of Friday.  Mr. Good held is annual Friday review of provincial politics with guests Keith Baldrey of Global TV and Vaughn Palmer of the Vancouver Sun.

The trio  reviewed the debate and how the leaders handled themselves in the spotlight. In addition to that they also examined a number of the current top issues of the campaign.

Of possible particular interest to residents of the North Coast was the focus on the topic of LNG development, as Mr. Good and his guests examined the Premiers forecasts for revenues and the NDP's internal struggles with the concept of fracking.

Previously this week, the CKNW host had one on one sessions with Both Premier Clark and NDP Leader Adrian Dix, providing for a more concentrated examination of their parties and the respective platforms that each is offering.

You can review the Premier's one on one conversation from Monday (April 22 8:30-9:30 AM) here (Audio Vault) (Podcast)

Mr. Dix's appearance was on the Thursday morning (April 25 8:30--9:30AM) program can be listened to here (Audio Vault) (Podcast)

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