Friday, April 26, 2013

Proposed LNG developments continue to attract attention and discussion

Imperial Oil, the nation's Number 2 oil producer and refinery operator is the latest of corporations to express an interest in the Grassy Point sector of the North Coast.

"With LNG projects it's hard to put an absolute timeline to it," he said. "They're complex and there are a lot of components. But we're working hard right now on each of those components to see what we can assemble." -- Richard Kruger, Chief Executive Officer Imperial Oil

Imperial Oil made mention of its plans for the North Coast as part of a review of their Alberta gas field developments, though they cautioned that they are far from ready to decide if they will build a facility.

The interest in LNG terminal development and the potential revenue that it could bring to the region has been the topic of much discussion of late on the north coast, the prospect of LNG activity and the City's reaction to it would appear to be a key part of future municipal planning, with the City's interest adding a new dynamic to the discussion.

The topic of development resonates elsewhere in the region as well, recently both Metlakatla Chief Harold Leighton and Lax Kw'alaams Mayor Gary Reece outlined some of their thoughts on the issue of development to the Northern View, with those two  communities looking towards the goals of moving forward the infrastructure requirements of the region.

Chief Leighton offered up the thought that the prospect of development in the Grassy Bay area north of Prince Rupert could as a benefit provide for the long wished for fixed link between his community, Prince Rupert and the Digby Island airport.

The gold rush like quest to stake out some of that coastal turf on the North Coast for potential LNG development has been the focus of a recent review in the online publication the Tyee, which recently took a look at some of the interest recently announced for the  region.

Some of the findings in the Tyee would seem to echo the recent thoughts of North Coast NDP candidate Jennifer Rice, who recently appeared in an election forum at Northwest Community College with Green Party candidate Hondo Arendt.

In that session she outlined her thoughts on the LNG development issue,  addressing the perceptions that some in the community have on her position when it comes to development of LNG plans.

At the election forum she suggested that the NDP would approach the issue responsibly and respectfully, with particular attention to the topic of upstream fracking and the impacts from it,  one of her main points being that in the end there most likely won't be quite as many terminals developed as the sudden rush of interest has indicated.


The Tyee articles reflect that theme, with a further examination of the push back from the environmental movement on the issue of a rush to development and the formidable opponent in the large multi nationals that they face. (see article here)

As part of that review of the debate thus far, the Tyee also provides their own overview on the pace of development of the proposed projects to this point. (see article here)

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