Friday, January 17, 2014

Avalanche Warning in effect for Northwest backcountry regions

The wild weather of the last few days has resulted in unstable snow levels in backcountry regions, leading to the Canadian Avalanche Centre to issue an Avalanche warning for many areas of the province, including the North Coast both coastal and inland regions.

The region is under a Moderate Danger Rating for Friday and through the weekend, rising to Considerable in Alpine regions of the Northwest coastal backcountry,

Further Inland the Danger Rating increases to Considerable for Tree line and Alpine reaches of the backcountry.

The Full Special Avalanche Warning for British Columbia can be found here.

The ever changing weather situation for the Northwest does provide for challenges for those that enjoy backcountry activities and towards better education, residents of the region can taken in an Avalanche Awareness Day session this weekend at Shames Mountain.

The Northwest session is put on by the Mount Remo Backcountry Society and takes place on Sunday January 2014. Information sessions and displays are planned to better inform those on preparations that should be taken by those that take to the backcountry.

You can find out more about that event and others across the province from this schedule of Avalanche Awareness Days sessions

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