Thursday, January 30, 2014

BG Group gets closer to opening of downtown office

Former Mayor Herb Pond may soon have a place to hang his jacket up, as the BG Group moves into downtown offices in Prince Rupert in February.

Mr. Pond, the Community Relations Advisor for the BG Group's Prince Rupert LNG project will be moving the local operation into a 1200 square foot office at 610 Second Avenue West, a location that the company hopes residents will use as a one-stop destination to learn more about the BG Group's proposed LNG development on Ridley Island.

Some of the features of the new office will be storyboards that provide a timeline of the project as well as maps, models and renderings of the proposed project, as that timeline moves forward.

As well, information about the process and progress of the project will be available from the new office location.

Rupert Wood and Steel have been handling the remodelling efforts in the new location, refitting the office space to make it a centre point of the BG Group's community outreach in Prince Rupert.

Until the doors officially open in February, those looking for the latest details on the Prince Rupert LNG project can learn more from their website.

We have a larger overview of all of the LNG development on the North Coast available on our LNG Archive page.

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