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Industrial Development 2014-- Pacific Northwest LNG Terminal (Lelu Island)

Our Archive of items regarding the proposed Petronas LNG Terminal development

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December 23-- Kitselas First Nation and Pacific NorthWest LNG Announce Agreement on LNG  NCR
December 18-- Metlakatla and Pacific NorthWest LNG sign Benefit Agreement on impact of LNG  NCR
December 18-- Pacific NorthWest LNG project back on the Environmental Assessment Clock  NCR
December 15-- Port Edward and PNW LNG Reach Tax Deal
December 15-- District of Port Edward and Pacific NorthWest LNG reach 25 year agreement on property taxes  NCR
December 15-- Low oil prices, domestic politics put Petronas's B. C. LNG project at risk
December 11-- Former Pacific NorthWest LNG head anticipates Final Investment Decision within six months  NCR
December 11-- Premier Clark stays her course on LNG, while corporate dynamics begin to shift  NCR
December 8-- Christy Clark sys Petronas LNG project is a 'done deal' despite delay
December 4-- Petronas wants engineering work for B. C. LNG venture to be shifted offshore
December 4-- Petronas Hits Pause on BC LNG project 
December 4-- A blip or a bust?
December 3-- LNG Bubble Burst (video)
December 3-- Petronas delaying decision on B. C. LNG as oil slump squeezes economics
December 3-- The good ship LNG springs a leak
December 3-- Petronas announces it will defer Final Investment Decision on Lelu Island Project  NCR
December 2-- Petronas discussions continue in Vancouver  NCR
December 1-- Waiting for Mr. Abbas to give an indication  NCR

November 28-- Pacific NorthWest LNG offer up comments regarding Environmental Assessment Certificate for Lelu Island Terminal NCR
November 26-- Province issues certificates for Lelu Island Terminal and pipeline project NCR
November 20-- B. C. Nisga'a sign pipeline deal
November 20-- Nisga'a Nation agree to pipeline deal for LNG with B. C.
November 20-- Nisga'a sign LNG pipeline benefits deal with B. C. 
November 20-- Nisga'a Nation signs on to LNG project
November 19-- Petronas still aims for December investment; but with many thins still to consider  NCR
November 6-- Pacific NorthWest LNG head vows to address environment, native concerns
November 6-- Nathan Cullen on Lelu Island controversy (video)
November 6-- Four Northern Interior First Nations declare opposition towards Pacific NorthWest's Lelu Island Project  NCR
November 1-- Petronas could benefit from BG Group's LNG project delay: UBC professor

October 30-- November 11th set as date for Petronas and Provincial Government to meet on Pacific NorthWest LNG  NCR
October 24-- Executive shakeup at Pacific NorthWest LNG  NCR
October 24-- Pacific NorthWest president resigns after leading early-stage LNG project
October 24-- Pacific Northwest LNG president exits, Progress Energy chief to take over
October 19-- Petronas-led LNG project in limbo as study stalls
October 15-- Pacific NorthWest LNG redesign doesn't mollify project opponents  NCR
October 9-- Protestors rally outside of Pacific NorthWest LNG office in Prince Rupert
October 7-- Petronas designs bridge to bypass habitats
October 6-- British Columbia LNG Project at Risk of 15-Year Delay
October 6-- Pacific Northwest LNG Holds Info Sessions
October 6-- Message to B. C.: Lower taxes or Petronas will shelve project
October 6-- Under pressure from Malaysian gas giant, BC tries to deliver LNG tax that pleases both industry and citizens
October 6-- Petronas gives deadline for LNG deal
October 6-- Petronas puts Federal and Provincial governments on the clock on Lelu Island Project  NCR
October 6 -- Petronas moves to change B. C. LNG plan for environmental approval

September 29-- Petronas cites environmental concerns on Prince Rupert LNG project
September 29-- B. C. may be wrong to shrug off warning from Petronas on $11 billion LNG deal
September 28-- As Petronas gets cold feet, a policy expert gives her opinion
September 25-- Will Clark crack under pressure from Petronas (video)
September 25-- Petronas ready to pull out of LNG Project? (video)
September 25-- Petronas plays hard ball with B. C. over Pacific NorthWest LNG
September 25-- Petronas LNG project still on the table, says B. C. Energy Minister Rich Coleman
September 25-- Petronas threatens to pull out of Pacific Northwest LNG project NCR
September 18-- Petronas still eyeing year end for Canada LNG investment decision
September 18-- Despite extension, Pacific NorthWest LNG eyes year-end final investment decision
September 17-- LNG proponent alters Dredging plan
September 16-- Pacific NorthWest LNG receives 45 day extension to Environmental Assessment Review Period  NCR
September 15-- Review of North Coast LNG projects offers interesting perceptions on local reaction to industry  NCR

August 26-- A partnership between Pacific Northwest LNG and Friendship House...
August 26-- Pacific Northwest LNG, Friendship House youth clean up at Galloway Rapids
August 13-- Petronas in talks with Middle East, Japanese buyers for stake in Canadian LNG project
August 13-- Petronas in Talks with Four Companies Over LNG project stakes

July 28-- Petronas seeks out some Federal incentive before final investment decision  NCR
July 23-- Pacific NorthWest LNG defends Lelu Island location
July 14-- Is Prince Rupert Council Overstepping its Lelu Island Observations?  NCR
July 11-- Environmental pushback starts up on Pacific Northwest LNG proposal  NCR
July 10-- Presentation for Council puts a focus on Flora Banks  NCR
July 7-- LNG Terminals once again on the agenda for Prince Rupert Council  NCR

June 24-- Pacific NorthWest LNG opens community office in Port Edward
June 20-- Pacific Northwest LNG opens community office in Port Edward

May 23-- CEAA reportedly requests more information regarding Petronas Enviornmental Asessment NCR
May 23-- Mayor Mussallem wants region to stay in the LNG race  NCR
May 22-- Petronas Pushes for Province to consider LNG taxation plans carefully and quickly  NCR
May 20-- Comment period opens for Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project
May 15-- Pacific NorthWest LNG to seek community input by way of survey  NCR
May 14-- Prince Rupert Environmental Society raises LNG red flags
May 7-- Researchers say undersea paradise threatened by LNG proposal (audio)
May 5-- Province and Petronas sign letter of intent on North Coast LNG project  NCR

April 23-- Lelu Island Terminal not expected to impact marine navigation near Prince Rupert
April 17-- Pacific NorthWest LNG outlines work being done at Lelu Island, address marine access
April 16-- Pacific NorthWest LNG project update at open houses in Prince Rupert, Port Edward
April 15-- Jobs and Community involvement key aspect of Pacific Northwest LNG presentation to Council  NCR
April 11-- Petronas LNG project described as having a "high degree of momentum" NCR
April 10-- Progress Energy's great push to be first in Western Canada
April 9-- Petronas' Progress Energy one of the busiest oil drillers in Canada
April 2-- Pacific Northwest LNG files for environmental assessment

March 27-- Malaysia's Petronas singled out as leading LNG project for B. C.
March 26-- National Energy Board issues long term export licences to Pacific Northwest LNG and Prince Rupert LNG  NCR
March 26-- 30 Day public comment period to begin April 2nd for Pacific Northwest LNG project  NCR
March 7-- Petronas triples gas reserve estimates for B. C. Joint venture
February 28-- Pacific Northwest LNG submits Environmental Impact statement to Government Agencies  NCR
February 28-- Petronas makes plans to take on more minority partners on proposed LNG project in Prince Rupert  NCR
February 26-- Pacific Northwest LNG ready to file assessment
February 26-- LNG development spurs debate at MP's town hall
February 13-- Petronas looks to India for North Coast LNG investment NCR
February 11--Petronas courts Indian Oil for B. C. LNG investment
January 22-- Prince Rupert Gast Transmission vice-president says time is a factor in developing LNG export

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