Monday, January 27, 2014

City announces new committee members for 2014

Prince Rupert City Council released a list of names last Monday, highlighting Board and Committee appointments that have been announced.

The Performing Arts Centre Society had two appointments awarded, with Mr. Lee Brain and Ms.  Joanne Finlay receiving two year terms which will expire on January 31st, 2016.

The Prince Rupert Airport Authority also had two appointments awarded, with Mr. Michael Cote and Mr. Dave Smith both receiving fifteen month terms which will expire in April of 2015.

With planned change coming to the Recreation Committee, by way of a Recreation Commission (see our items here and here for the details of that shift in direction) the Appointment of Mr. Steve Robin to the Recreation Advisory Committee will last until March 15, 2014.

The announcement of the Board appointments came after their approval at a Closed Session of City Council, you can review the announcement from page two of the City Council Minutes of January 20th.

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