Monday, January 27, 2014

Northern BC Environmental Groups develop website for LNG conversation

With the ever changing dynamic of the proposed LNG developments for the North Coast, the flow of information seems to be coming at us at a rapid pace of late.

Whether it's the Major LNG proponents such as Petronas, BG Group, CNOOC/Nexen or the latest to the party Woodside, websites are popping up and offices are opening their doors in the quest to put forward the message of LNG development.

As well, the Provincial Government seems to provide for a daily update on some development or another revolving around the Premier's LNG strategy and the ambitious nature of how the Province sees that development evolving.

Now we can add one more portal to our bookmarks that of BC LNG INFO, a website that has been designed by a collective of environmental groups to deliver their thoughts on the rush to development and the impact that they believe the many projects that have been announced may have on the Northwest.

 “Residents are overwhelmed by the pace and scale of LNG development. The information we’re getting from industry and government is limited and hard to access. This website is a hub for people in the north who are grappling with what LNG means for us and our communities,”  Nadia Nowak, Northern LNG Facilitator, Northwest Institute

The groups that have come together to launch the website are the Northwest Institute and Skeena Wild Conservation Trust along with the Headwaters Initiative, the group describes their work as seeking to "provide information that will help northerners understand the influx of proposed gas expansion in BC and what the industry means for our communities"

From their portal their information flow will provide for thoughts on tracking, background on the routes of the projects and some reviews of the Premier's LNG figures and calculations.

They also provide for a news ticker of items on LNG development as well as a listing of events scheduled for the future.

Among their notes, a reminder of the upcoming Let's Talk LNG sessions with NDP MP Nathan Cullen, with a session planned for Smithers on February 19th and Prince Rupert hosting a session of the tour on February 20th.

One of their first in house items is a look at what impact development might have on communities of the Northwest. Particularly when it comes to an expected rapid pace of development and with it the social problems that could be part of such development, you can explore that theme further from the article titled Fort McTerrace?

The goal of the website as it's explained in the introduction, is to start a conversation on the theme of LNG development in the region.

Readers are invited to participate in that dialogue, by leaving a comment or submitting their own blog post to the project.

You can learn more about their BCLNG INFO project from their website.

For more on the topic of LNG Development the blog features a comprehensive review of developments both on the North Coast and in the Kitimat region, you can review our items from our archive pages.

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