Monday, January 13, 2014

BC Hydro warns off snowmobile riders from Northern Transmission Line areas

For many in Prince Rupert heading off inland for the weekend is part of the winter ritual, an opportunity to fire up the snowmobile, or hop into the cross country skis or snowshoes and take to the backcountry and all that he snow has to offer.

However, for BC Hydro the recreational opportunities of winter are
also providing for a dangerous situation, with Hydro issuing a notice to snowmobilers and other Winter Recreation users that they should take the areas of the Northern Transmission Line right of way off their destination lists.

With that major infrastructure project still under construction, the right-of-way remains a restricted access area.

One which consists of a number of potential safety hazards such as construction materials and unmarked guy lines. Items which would be hard to see in Northwest weather conditions and with a snow background.

It's with those safety concerns in mind, that BC Hydro issued a Public Safety Notice regarding the area and the request that recreational users keep their distance from the industrial side of the back country.

Those with questions on the topic can contact BC Hydro at 1 866- 647-3334 or by email at

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