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Industrial Development -- LNG Development General Overview Notes 2014

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to items of a general nature regarding the proposed LNG developments for the North Coast region.

December 19-- Falling Short: A Reality Check for Global LNG Exports
December 18-- First Nations file for judicial review of pipeline approval
December 18-- BC First Nations Launch First Legal Challenge to LNG Industry
December 17-- MP Nathan Cullen not surprised by LNG delays
December 17-- North Coast residents raise concerns with LNG industry at forum
December 11-- Premier Clark stays her course on LNG, while corporate dynamics begin to shift  NCR
December 9-- Northwest Institute to host Community Dialogue on LNG Development in North West BC  NCR
December 9-- Falling Oil prices could hobble B. C. LNG industry
December 9-- B. C. Premier Christy Clark confident of Petronas decision in 2015
December 9-- Outside forces may gas Premier Christy Clark's LNG party
December 9-- Mair to Horgan: You Really Blew it on LNG
December 8-- Premier Christy Clark says B. C.'s LNG plans still on track to meet 2020 target
December 7-- LNG prices forecast to fall, jeopardizing B. C.'s chance of creating a new industry
December 5-- Northern B. C. First Nations to work together to pursue part ownership of LNG, Mining projects
December 2-- NDP leader wants to increase LNG Tax

November 29-- Canada still in the LNG game
November 27-- Council pushes ahead with Work Camp plans for Wantage Road, despite rough reception at Public Hearing  NCR
November 20-- The NDP's Horgan and Austin have some thoughts when it comes to LNG prospects for Prince Rupert  NCR
November 20-- Exxon/Mobil join up with the BC LNG Alliance  NCR
November 19-- LNG also will feel oil price pinch
November 19-- The uncertainty problem with B.C.’s billion-dollar LNG projects
November 18-- Port preparations for potential LNG arrival gain notice across shipping industry  NCR
November 11-- Northern communities scramble to upgrade roads, bridges for LNG
November 11-- LNG puts infrastructure at the centre of B. C. Municipal elections
November 10-- B. C. Liberals get it wrong on LNG
November 4-- Robin Austin takes charge of the Northwest discussion on LNG in Legislature  NCR
November 3-- MLA Rice outlines a number of concerns on Liberal Government's Bill 2 provisions on LNG  NCR
November 2-- B. C. groups line up for their slice of the federal surplus pie
November 1-- Here's who will win if B. C.'s LNG boom comes to life

October 31-- Christy Clark enlists Shawn Atleo to improve Aborigianl relations
October 29-- Victoria's LNG plans morph into "hope for the best"
October 29-- Leave the fear mongering at home
October 27-- Vancouver Sun articles on LNG highlight buzz, boom and even bust...  NCR
October 26-- Northwest B. C.'s LNG boom is already a bust for some
October 25-- The promise of LNG has B. C.'s Northwest buzzing
October 24-- City hires local oceanographer to conduct LNG study  NCR
October 24-- LNG forum participants for the most part stayed within their comfort zones  NCR
October 23-- Province sets LNG tax rate at 3.5 per cent  NCR
October 22-- Why the LNG industry could be poised for liftoff with B. C.'s tax regime
October 21-- BC halves Projected LNG revenue
October 21-- Daybreak North to host forum on LNG on Wednesday  NCR
October 20-- The promises and challenges of LNG development for the North Coast  NCR
October 19-- Japan a key market for B. C. LNG
October 18-- LNG bonanza can become burden in Prince Rupert
October 17-- Canada's LNG ambitions have a "very high chance of failure" (video)
October 17-- While LNG plans for Prince Rupert in the future, a company looking to service the industry sets up in Terrace now  NCR
October 16-- Farewell LNG, here comes the sun
October 16-- B. C.'s LNG tax burdened by high expectations, low prices 
October 15-- LNG industry holds the cards
October 12-- Tax regime key issue for LNG producers
October 8-- LNG boom for B. C. 'not foregone conclusion,' industry group says
October 8-- American shale gas boom a major threat to B. C. exports
October 8-- LNG alliance leader cautions B. C. government against high taxes
October 8-- LNG development anything but certain, BC LNG Alliance warns
October 7-- Throne speech delivers reduced expectations for Premier Clark's LNG ambitions NCR
October 6-- All about LNG as Legislature resumes sitting NCR
October 2-- Christy Clark still banking on LNG (video)
October 2-- Issue of LNG tax and emissions controls to be addressed in separate bills, says Mike de Jong
October 1-- BC's LNG race is uneconomic and dangerous: Andrew Nikiforuk

September 30-- The Great Canadian LNG Poker Game
September 28-- When it comes to LNG, B. C. can't do it alone, it needs Ottawa
September 28-- As Petronas gets cold feet, a policy expert gives her opinion
September 26-- Finish line out of sight and start line uncertain in race to develop LNG
September 26-- Labour shortage imperils LNG projects, Chinese partner warns
September 25-- The ABC's of LNG: A closer look at liquefied natural gas
September 25-- Horgan Demands approved LNG projects meet four key Principles that Benefit British Columbia (media release)
September 24-- Minister Coleman seeks to reduce expectations of LNG tax windfall for Northern Municipalities  NCR
September 24-- BC's tar sands? Thirteen proposed LNG projects equivalent to 13 times current BC emissions
September 22-- Northern B. C. towns worry LNG boom will turn into burden
September 15-- Instead of LNG royalty cheques, another reality check
September 15-- Review of North Coast LNG prospects offers interesting perceptions on local reaction to industry  NCR
September 14-- B. C. LNG firms press Ottawa for tax break
September 14-- Controversial natural gas rule changes came after B. C., oil lobby met
September 12-- West Coast LNG Countdown: How do you spend $15B in a town of 13,000 people?
September 10-- LNG uncertainty leads to lower economic forecast for northeastern B. C.
September 10-- MLA's Ralston and Rice talk LNG in Prince Rupert  NCR
September 7-- Gas boom brings its own challenges

August 8-- A crucial time for LNG plans
August 7-- A tale of two premiers: while Redford exits, Clark's LNG dreams fade
August 5-- Mount Polley mine accident weighs heavy on the minds of Gitxsan members considering LNG projects
August 5-- LNG plays getting hot and heavy as stakes on the Pacific Coast keep climbing
August 5-- Painted Pony Seen Luring Suitors in Canada LNG Race
August 1-- Snapshots from the B. C. Liberals' faltering LNG file
August 1-- Pieces of prospective pie

July 30-- Rush for LNG spoils is a bit premature
July 29-- Don't believe B. C. premier Christy Clark's LNG fairytale
July 29-- Northwest towns eye billions in revenues from resource boom
July 25-- B. C. and China agree to allow foreign workers to help build LNG industry
July 15-- B. C.'s LNG clock ticks as price in Asia plunges
July 10-- If B. C. is latecomer in race to build LNG plants, it will lose out: report
July 8-- Stakes high as B. C. Liberals mend fences with First Nations
July 7-- LNG Terminals once again on the agenda for Prince Rupert Council  NCR
July 2-- Spectra Energy CEO sees even more LNG proposals in the future  NCR
July 2-- City promises transparency in LNG dealings

June 26-- Lot 444 becomes a talking point at Council  NCR
June 23-- Liquefied Natural Gas Plant pitched for Edmonton area
June 20-- Northwest Institute delivers LNG concerns to your door step  NCR
June 18-- Kitsumkalum threatening to block LNG development in Prince Rupert
June 11-- Prince Rupert hears warnings of LNG impacts
June 5-- Power struggle shapes up over push to 'green' LNG operations in northwest B. C.
June 3-- B. C.'s Liquefied natural gas export dreams come back to earth
June 3-- B. C. LNG won't come cheap despite Asian hopes
June 2-- A share of the LNG rush? City's newly expanded boundary to include proposed LNG site  NCR

May 30-- Russia-China gas deal "could squeeze economics' of Canadian LNG projects: TD
May 29-- LNG bonanza hopes fractured by reality
May 29-- Lax Kw'alaams launches Marine Use study  NCR
May 28-- Jennifer Rice raises concerns on "systemic issues" from oil and gas industry NCR
May 28-- No open door to oil for Lax Kw'alaams  NCR
May 28-- For a Canadian Province, Gas Boom Presents a Conundrum
May 28-- Harris: Rupert must prepare now for LNG boom
May 28-- What are the impacts of LNG?
May 28-- LNG developers forge alliance
May 27-- City of Prince Rupert discussing LNG terminal on lands across from Seal Cove
May 27-- B. C. First Nations leader tells Ottawa there is no easy deal on energy
May 27-- Federal and Provincial governments to work with North Coast First Nations on energy engagement NCR
May 27-- Federal and Provincial Ministers to meet with North Coast First Nations on Energy today NCR
May 26-- LNG "Boot Camp" comes to Prince Rupert June 2nd and 3rd  NCR
May 26-- B. C.'s LNG 'opportunity is somewhat limited': expert
May 23-- Mayor Mussallem wants region to stay in the LNG race  NCR
May 22-- North Coast well represented at Provincial LNG conference  NCR
May 21-- Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce Lunch Guest Speaker tells Business Owners to Prepare for LNG now
May 21-- An LNG pushback?  NCR
May 21-- Without license: many B. C. First Nations still oppose LNG
May 13-- Northwest MLA's look for more conversation on LNG in region  NCR
May 13-- "Over my dead body": northern BC Residents overwhelmed by massive LNG push
May 7-- Northern LNG push is "stealing" Gitxsan chief names, allege leaders
May 5-- Skeena MLA raises concerns over LNG Development planning  NCR

April 30-- Squamish LNG plant could have jump on larger northern B. C. proposals
April 30-- Nuclear energy revival clouds LNG prospects
April 29-- Opposition to new oil and natural gas routes cited as greatest threat to Canadian economy
April 25-- Russian LNG projects emerging as key competitors for B. C.
April 22-- Defiant northern Chief galvanizes BC First Nations against Premier's LNG plans
April 21-- Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition unites loggers, farmers, miners against rampant LNG development
April 21-- Key Native Group in Northern B. C. threatens to stop talks on pipelines
April 19-- LNG projects would bring big changes in region
April 17-- Another Northwest LNG Proposal Receives Export Licence
April 17-- Gitxsan Threaten to Halt Pipeline Discussions Over Land and Rights Dispute
April 14-- LNG by rail prospect outlined at Prince George speech  NCR
April 13-- B. C. must act fast if it wants to tap Japan's demand for LNG
April 11-- Revenue sharing agreement not an endorsement of LNG indusry, says Lax Kw'alaams Mayor
April 9-- North Coast First Nations sign agreement with Province on LNG  NCR
April 9-- Aboriginals offered share of LNG revenues
April 9-- Proposed LNG Development Pushes Business Development in Prince Rupert
April 9-- Lax Kw'alaams and Metlakatla sign LNG Revenue deal
April 8-- LNG dreams power Kitimat housing boom
April 7-- British Columbia rushes to approve LNG regime as global competition heats up
April 5-- Market will shake out LNG field
April 5-- A groovy destination, but the trip has just begun
April 3-- B. C. LNG export plant decision still several years away: Imperial Oil

March 31-- Minister confident LNG investment decisions will be made by next year
March 28-- First Nations attending Ottawa LNG meeting
March 28-- Terrace council gets update on one natural gas pipeline project
March 26-- Comment time coming on Petronas LNG project
March 21-- European LNG importer assessing plans for North Coast  NCR
March 21-- LNG forum at UNBC
March 20-- LNG forum being held at UNBC
March 12-- LNG opportunities cited as Enbridge acquires Grassy Point site
March 11-- Tensions between buyers and sellers could impact LNG projects, Chevron CEO says
March 6-- Rice to Liberals: Risky to put all our eggs in the LNG basket  NCR
March 6-- No energy project has gained community's approval yet: Lax Kw'alaams Mayor
March 5-- Enbridge purchases land at Grassy Point
March 3-- North Coast MLA rather quiet on LNG discussion in Legislature  NCR

February 28-- LNG coming to BC, big and fast. Are you ready?
February 26-- LNG development spurs debate at MP's town hall
February 24-- First Nations want a piece of new LNG tax
February 24-- B.C.’s LNG real estate factor: Will the house price surge ever slow down?
February 24-- Will B.C. build LNG construction bonanza with temporary foreign workers?
February 23-- Energy companies balking at level of LNG taxation in B. C.
February 23-- LNG industry job training discussions get thumbs up from labour, government
February 22-- Prince Rupert! The unofficial Northern BC Capital (For LNG anyways) NCR
February 19-- LNG windfall won't fire up B. C. for at least five years,; NDP says it's all hot air
February 19-- B. C. behind schedule on LNG plans, says industry expert
February 18-- B. C. unveils 'boring and balanced' budget with details on LNG tax plan
February 18-- Budget estimates foresee huge LNG windfall
February 17-- Feds provide money for aboriginal LNG training
February 17-- First Nations host LNG summit in Northeast BC
February 17-- Nisga'a make entry into LNG discussions  NCR
February 12-- B. C. throne speech calls LNG 'incredible opportunity'
February 11-- Regulating LNG industry will be at forefront of 'heavy' agenda as B. C. Legislature returns
11-- B. C.'s Nisga'a reach out for LNG development, offer land in exchange for jobs

January 31-- Nathan Cullen expands on LNG discussion points  NCR
January 29-- Suncor retreats from LNG rush, suspends B. C. shale gas work
January 29-- Is LNG B. C.'s big favour?
January 28-- Deputy Premier to Host LNG Telephone Town Hall on Thursday  NCR
January 27-- Northern BC Environmental Groups develop website for LNG conversation  NCR
January 27-- Skeenawild LNG site (video)
January 27-- Northern Organizations Collaborate to Launch LNG Information Website
January 22-- Prince Rupert Gast Transmission vice-president says time is a factor in developing LNG export
January 21-- Scientist's report casts doubt on Clark's LNG estimates
January 20-- The multi-billion dollar road map to B. C.'s coming LNG boom
January 20-- In Japan, an LNG revolution looks to Canada
January 14-- NDP slams Liberal Economic plan
January 14-- Association pushes for fracking research
January 13-- Surf's up for Western Canada LNG spending
January 9-- City to set course with Strategic Planning Session  NCR
January 9-- Is LNG worth the risk?

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