Thursday, January 30, 2014

Property Assessment Appeal Period almost at end

The period for homeowners to file a Notice of Complaint (appeal) of their property assessments is almost up, with January 31st the last day for a filing of an appeal to be made.

As we outlined on the blog earlier this month, BC Assessment BC mailed out their latest assessment of properties across the Northwest in the first week of January, an assessment which saw a number of Prince Rupert properties increase in assessed value with the Prince Rupert increases averaging around 9 per cent.

The average valuation for Prince Rupert increased by 16,000 dollars from 2013. Port Edward residents saw a slight decrease of 4.5 percent for 2014.

For those that believe their assessment was a little off the mark, there has been almost a one month period to make contact with Assessments BC to file their appeal.

The form to submit an Notice of Complaint (appeal) can be found here.

From there your appeal will move on to the Review panel phase, that process is explained in full here.

You can learn more about the BC Assessment process from their website.

There is more information on developments in the Housing and Real Estate sectors available in our Real Estate/Housing archive.

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