Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CityWest introduces Fibro

CityWest, having recently transitioned out of the cellular market with a nudge for their cellular customers to migrate towards Telus, has now started the process of concentrating on those other product lines for the Northwest that they mentioned last month.

Towards that theme, the Prince Rupert based communication company has introduced Fibro, your guide to all that the company has to offer the communities of the Northwest when it comes to Internet and Television options.

First appearing in December of last year, Fibro received a multi media launch this month with a YouTube presentation that provides some background on the "fibre optic alternative to the serve the growing communities of the Northwest".


The Fibro advantage for the most part, appears to be based on the promise of the fast Internet speeds that the company says are available with their service, plus the local aspect of what the company calls more responsive support as well as their support of local communities through their charitable donations.

While they also make mention of the HD Television options that they can provide for customers, that may be a harder market to turn around for the company than the Internet is.  CityWest has held an advantage in Prince Rupert on Internet connectivity owing to their history as the only provider in the community.

Not so for television viewers, for many in the city, the use of a satellite dish isn't quite as troublesome as outlined in the Fibro introduction with ShawDirect dishes seemingly rather popular in the city.

For those that have already made the investment in Satellite technology, reversing the numbers of dish holders currently in the city may be a long term battle for Fibro and the CityWest team.

CityWest outlines more about Fibro on their webpage

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