Monday, January 20, 2014

New aid to navigation to provide for even safer transit of Prince Rupert Harbour

Photo courtesy PRPA
Transiting the waters of Prince Rupert Harbour and its approaches has become even safer than ever, with a new aid to navigation now in place in Fairview Channel, the body of water that leads into Prince Rupert's inner harbour.

On Friday, the Prince Rupert Port Authority provided some background on the project which saw the Port  join with a number of industry and government partners to provide for  a fixed light at the Phillips Point  area.

The addition of  the navigational aid will provide for enhanced and safe transit for commercial vessels
today and highlights the nature of ongoing planning for the anticipated growth of the Port in the future and with it the increase in vessel calls to Port facilities.

"As we plan and prepare for growth in the number and size of vessels calling at the Port of Prince Rupert, we're identifying measures to increase the overall safety of vessels, mariners and the surrounding environment of our harbour," ... "Working with our industry partners like Canadian Coast Guard, the Port Authority is taking a proactive approach to ensuring the Prince Rupert Harbour maintains its reputation for safe, secure and sustainable operations now and in the future." -- Gary Paulson, Harbour Master and Vice President of Operations with the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

The installation of the aid to navigation is just one of a number of safety measures that the Port has put in place, or has in the planning stages as commercial usage of port facilities increases.

The Port recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Canadian Coast Guard that will allow future NavAid projects to proceed as required.

More on the New Aid to Navigation can be found from this media release by the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

You can review their complete Marine Risk Assessment Overview here and as part of the ongoing commitment to Community Engagement, the Port welcomes any questions regarding marine safety in the region, you can learn more about how to seek out answers to questions or comment on safety issues from their website.

For more information on Port related developments check our Port of Prince Rupert Archive page, which is updated regularly. .

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