Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hawkair Debuts Women in Leadership Executive Development Program

Northwest based Hawkair has introduced a new program of career development that focuses on developing the leadership style of women and preparing participants for a variety of leadership roles in the aviation industry..

In the case of Hawkair, Jocelyn Lebell will be the ground breaker as the first participant in the program, over the course of the next 24 months, Ms. Lebell will embark on a journey with Hawkair that will see her develop skills in three different business units of the airline.

 During her time at Hawkair, Ms. Lebell will take on assignments as Director of Corporate Service, Director of Aviation Services and Director of Airline.

"This program combines three causes that we're extremely passionate about; women in aviation, women in leadership and continuing education" ... "We are grooming the next generation of Executives and are proud to be part of changing the leadership landscape." --Jay Dilley President of Hawkair.. 

Background on the program and Ms. Lebell's involvement with it can be found in this media release.

Hawkair is a frequent recipient of accolades in the Northwest, not only for its aviation service to the region, but its involvement in the communities it serves.

With this latest addition to the Hawkair business strategy, it may soon also become known for the directions that it taking in career development.

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