Friday, January 17, 2014

School District 52 Council to cary on with one less member for remainder of 2014

School District 52 will be working one person short for the remainder of their  2014 mandate, with Secretary-Treasurer Cam McIntyre advising the Board of Education that Trustee Marty Bowles had resigned his position with the District.

The announcement was made at the January 14th session of the Board of Education, no particulars were released as to the background to Mr. Bowles resignation.

Following the directions of Section 51 of the School Act, his resignation is considered irrevocable.

With  Mr. Bowles stepping aside from his duties, the Board decided that they would not fill the vacancy through a by-election and instead will continue on through this school year with the current line up of trustees.

A review of the past minutes of School District sessions since September makes no mention of Mr. Bowles, other than an acknowledgement of his absence from some meetings during the course of the fall sessions of the Board.

With elections for School District on the horizon, as part of the Municipal Election Vote in November of this year, the Board of Education would seem to be inclined to wait until the fall to return to the normal numbers around the conference table.

The short announcement of his resignation can be reviewed from the School District 52 synopsis of their January 14th session.

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