Thursday, January 23, 2014

Traffic and road condition concerns aired at Prince Rupert Council

Traffic concerns and road conditions brought Monday's city council session to an end as the city's Councillors discussed a number of issues of concern over the last few weeks.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson introduced the theme of road maintenance concerns on Highway 16 from Prince Rupert to east bound destinations. Providing some background on road conditions that residents
had brought to her over the last few months.

It was a theme that Councillor Ashley also joined in on, providing her own personal experiences on travel along the highway during recent months.

At Monday's session, council called on the maintenance companies of the region and the Ministry of Transportation to attend a future Council session to offer up explanations and answer concerns.

Recent developments with the Ministry of Transportation may answer some of their concerns, as we outlined on the blog earlier this week, the Ministry of Transportation upgraded Highway 16 to a Class A Highway, which will see and increased schedule of road maintenance and snow removal requirements put in place by next month.

However, while that answers the immediate concern, Council most likely will still wish to discuss transportation issues with the Ministry and maintenance companies.

Of note from Monday's session, the status of the Kasiks highway camera came up for discussion. It had not been available for travellers for a number of months.

The webcam at that location however, has recently come back on line providing a snap shot of conditions between Prince Rupert and Terrace.

As well, Councillor Garon put forward a motion seeking to have a traffic light installed at 2nd Avenue West and 1st Street (at Safeway).

Council members also offered up a number of thoughts on truck traffic in the downtown core, with concerns that a major incident could happen owing to a combination of driver distractions or disregard for traffic laws. Councillor Cunningham asked for the RCMP to provide more enforcement of traffic laws when it comes to the volume of truck traffic passing through the city's downtown area.

Some members of council also observed as to the nature of pedestrians in Prince Rupert to not be aware of traffic conditions.

The full conversation on the transportation theme can be found on the City's Video Archive from the fifty minute to sixty minute mark of the council session.

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