Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prince Rupert Port Authority Accepting Applications for Community Investment Fund

The list of past projects is a rather impressive one, from Salmon enhancement to recycling initiatives and involvement in local sports. Over the last few years, the Prince Rupert Port Authority's Community Investment Fund has become a major investor in Community activities.

The 2014 Application process for funding has now begun, with the Port opening up the application process on January 14th. Launching a one month period for local groups that meet the criteria for investment, to put forward their plan and seek out funding for their venture.

Some guidelines for Applicants to consider include:

Projects or initiatives must be environmentally sound, provide tangible long term benefits to the community and have a broad demonstrated level of community support. 

All projects or initiatives must leverage private/and or public funding.

What the Community Investment Fund will not provide contributions towards include:

The operating costs of a project or initiative.

Projects or initiatives which are restricted to the use or benefit of specific individuals or organizations with the community.

Are of a partisan political nature.

Consist of activities related to or result in violation of any federal or provincial law, regulation or policy.

Projects or initiatives that would put funding towards refinancing all, or any part of any term debt obligations will also not be considered for funding.

Groups which may wish to consider seeking Community Investment Funding  include non-profit entities and non-profit cooperatives.

Of interest for Prince Rupert City Council, which was seeking creative ways to fund recreation programs last spring, will be this advisory from the Port Authority. That locally based forms of government such as municipalities; Districts and First Nation Band Councils can also seek out funding from the fund.

The fund for the most part normally will not contribute more than 90 per cent toward project costs, however, priority will be given to those seeking 50 per cent or less for a project, initiative or event.

All submissions are required to include a budget and a list of other funding sources of the project or initiative.

The Deadline for submissions for the 2014 Community Investment Fund is 4 PM on Friday, February 14th, directed to the attention of Maynard Angus, Manager, Community Relations for the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

More information on the Fund and its requirements is available from the Port's website.

You can find a review of some of the past investments the Port made in the community from our archive pages.

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