Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Prince Rupert Port Authority Expands popular Environmental incentive program

A dedication towards sustainable shipping is proving to be a rewarding to shippers through the Port of Prince Rupert.

And for the Prince Rupert Port Authority, the Green Wave Initiative is paying dividends as well, as word of their efforts spreads and the accolades begin to come in.

The Green Wave program was introduced earlier this month, building on the strength of the 2013 Environmental Incentive Program for Vessels.

That project (which we reviewed on the blog last summer) was very much an instant success and set the template for this years expansion.

This year the Port Authority has increased the scope of it's efforts in environmental stewardship, including more qualification standards for arriving vessels that provide consistency across the global shipping industry.

"We're proud to be accelerating the industry's movement toward greater efficiency and sustainability through programs like Green Wave. As more members of the worldwide port community launch similar initiatives, common systems of measurement and reward are vital to wide adoption and success."-- Don Krusel, President and CEO of the Prince Rupert Port Authority, speaking on the Green Wave Stewardship program

The program provides incentives to shipping lines that meet a number of benchmarks for environmental sustainability, with a focus on environmental certification, fuel quality, technological implementation and management practices.

The Port of Prince Rupert uses an A to G rating scale, with financial incentives provided to those ships
arriving at the Port of Prince Rupert that have the cleanest ratings.

On Monday, Michael Gurney, the Manager of Corporate Affairs for the Prince Rupert Port Authority outlined for the Globe and Mail how the "Green Wave" program is expected to provide 100,000 dollars in discounts through 2014.

Some of the background on the program can be reviewed from this media release that the Port issued on Tuesday.

For a more detailed look at what the Green Wave Initiative is all about, the Port has prepared a helpful guide that provides a fair amount of information on the program.

You can also review more on the Port Authority's commitment to Environmental Sustainability programs through the snapshots of the programs in place that are listed on their website.

Of note to the success of the program is the work the Port is doing with two marine consultant groups,  Right Ship and Carbon War Room, the latter an organization founded by famed British Industrialist Sir Richard Branson.

Sir Richard, offered up some thoughts on the program to the Globe and Mail and had this to say about the commitment of both the  Port of Prince Rupert and Port of Vancouver towards a more sustainable environmental direction.

"These Canadian ports are the very first ports in the world to work with us on this, and it's just great," ... "We can now use this as an example and roll it out around the rest of the world."

More on the work of Rightship and Carbon War Room can be found below.

Carbon War Room

With their initiatives towards a more sustainable industry, the Port has already received feedback from some major participants in the environmental and shipping industries, much of which offers praise for the direction that the Port is taking.

Some of that feedback and reviews of the program can be found below:

Marine Link-- Canadian Ports Offer Financial Incentives for Energy Efficiency
Port and Technology-- Canadian Ports first to reward green vessels

You can review more on developments at the Prince Rupert Port Authority from our archive pages.

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