Thursday, January 23, 2014

Prince Rupert City Council sets in motion plans to create a Recreation Commission

The City is soon going to be looking for six citizens with an interest in recreation and the use of facilities in the city to step forward and take part in a newly formed Recreation Commission.

The proposal for the new commission was brought forward at Monday evening's Council session, with the City Administrator Rory Mandryk outlining the proposal, which would see a Commission of three Council members and six citizens meet to address recreation issues.

The main thinking behind the soon to be created commission is to put in place a mechanism to look after Recreation facilities in the community, providing for regular contact between the community and City Council.

The original plan was to call for a total of four citizen participants, however, Councillor Ashley modified the terms, calling for six citizen participants, suggesting that would allow the City to call on a larger pool of expertise on recreational issues.

Councillor Carlick-Pearson also spoke in favour of the motion.

The briefing on the proposal and the conversation regarding it can be found from the City's Video Archive from 25 to 33 minutes.

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