Thursday, March 6, 2014

City seeks volunteers for its Recreation Commission

The City of Prince Rupert has followed up on discussions at City Council last week regarding its proposed Recreation Commission.

The topic of the changing nature of how the city approaches recreation services made for but a short portion of the lengthy council session of last Monday, but one of the decisions made was to begin the process of advertising for volunteers that are interested in serving on the new Commission.

This week the City began that process of informing would be participants as to the process and request for applicants.

The new plan for a recreation Commission appears to be part of the City's recently announced Refocus on Community Recreation and some recent change at the Recreation Department see here and here.

Towards that plan, the City is now accepting letters of interest from those city residents inclined to serve. To be included in your letter should be a written description of your skills and experience as they relate to the position on the Commission.

The city advises that to find out more about the structure of the Commission residents should consult the city website, but the details are fairly short when as directed would be applicants click on this link on the topic on the city's website.

For those looking for a more complete picture of the Recreation Commission process, a review of the City's By-law from the Agenda of the January 24th session might be of some help. (see here, page 45)

We also have this item on the formation of the Recreation Commission from our City Council Archives.

Those that are interested in applying for the volunteer positions of the Commission have until 4 PM on March 14th to deliver their letters of interest to City Hall.

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